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From Hattrick

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.4 as reply to 7831771.3
To: Everyone 08.01.2007 at 14:28
Reply to (7831762.6).

-Are you planning to do something to strike down spamming of teams in smaller nations? Or will you leave it as it is?

I mean, perhaps a filter for the guestbook/mailbox who can filter out messages containing certain words or stronger penalties for spam?

I don't believe stronger penalties is the solution, it's "possible" to get your team/account locked because of repeated spamming etc. Word filter is also something I don't believe in, there's really no way to filter out every bad word in all languages, and then I don't even mention the "misspelled" words...

As I see it, the real problem isn't really bad language or inappropriate behaviour. It's just that a lot of ppl want a specific flag and kindly ask the (very few) users they can get the flag from. This way these few users get a looot of messages, and then it becomes a problem. So it's not easy to find a solution which will put an end to this problem as the biggest part of the problem is that most mails are friendly (and we can't really forbid friendly mails). But we are discussing this problem, maybe we can at least give these small country users an option to say no to messages like that (and if ppl still send mails etc, then GMs can do something about it).

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By: HT-Johan 7831771.18 as reply to 7831771.17
To: Everyone 11.01.2007 at 01:26
Reply to (7831762.23).

When will you introduce a "SPAM"-Button comparable to the "Report-Transfer"-Button?

I have the feeling Spammers aren't punished enough.. I see guys putting the same message in x-hundred Guestbooks but they get through with it...

Instead of finding new way of changing the game, better make sure the quality of the manager increases, and we be free of these wild friendly-searching spammers...

We're currently discussing what is the best way to deal with this nuisance. Like with everything, there's a balance to consider. The whole point of friendlies and guestbooks is to encourage positive interaction between users, and that's also mostly the case. So when we try to deal with the abuse we should do it in a way that doesn't limit the "normal" use too much, or not at all. The problem isn't technical so much as social in this case. Creating the spam report buttion would be easy, but what happens when someone is reported? Is each case evaluated manually by a GM or is it automatic? How do you prevent abuse of the spam reports themselves? And so on. Something will be one, but can't say when or exactly how yet. I agree it must be a nuisance for users expacially in very small leagues but not more important than other things we are currently working on.