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Some people were complaining about low attendences at their matches and suggested the crowd formula was changed.

Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Bjorn (1484496.132) as reply to (1484496.1)
To: unknown 11-7-2004 at 20.36
A few clarifications:

-We have not changed the crowd formula. I repeat: Not changed. It is the exact same formula as it has been for as long as I can remember. Given a certain level of supporter mood before the match, it will be the same results as last seasons (assuming all other circumstances identical).

-I am convinced that there is no bug in the crowd formula. Bugs don't appear out of thin air - someone must have changed something for them to appear, and we have not changed anything.

-We did change, in HT 6.6, the formula for how fans are affected after the match by certain results. The new formula gives on average the same level of effect as previously - it is NOT generally more harsh. It is tilted to reward small wins and punish small losses, compared to the old formula which was more benign to small losses if there were loads of goals, and more harsh against small wins if there were few goals. These changes are described in the HT 6.6 document.

-The crowd size (for league matches) is a function of:

  • What match round (the later in the season, the more important matches, according to the minds of the inhabitants of the HT universe).
  • The difference of league position between the teams (importance)
  • The league position of the home team
  • The size of the fanclubs
  • The supporter moods
  • The weather

Still some people were convinced something had changed.

Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Bjorn (1484496.153) as reply to (1484496.142)
To: dnbrt 11-7-2004 at 21.01
why is this the first time this happens?

It isn't. It's just the first time enough people have read the HT 6.6 document, remembered only 10% of it ("it was something about them changing things related to supporter mood"), seeing a low crowd size and jumping to conclusions in the conference.

there still is the matter of users who have just upgraded, and now found out that there is much less chance that they will get their stadium filled.

There isn't less chance. There have been no general worsening of spectator outcome. The one change, to the supporter mood, is neither worse nor better than the old one.

We weren't warned on advance about this.

But there isn't any "this"! :)

Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Bjorn (1484496.157) as reply to (1484496.144)
To: worcaholic 11-7-2004 at 21.03
thx for the infos, but I'm missing one factor: randomness. or isn't there any kind of random within this calculation?

Somewhat surprisingly: No, random is not part of these formulas (except indirectly that weather is a function of random).

Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Bjorn (1484496.159) as reply to (1484496.149)
To: cube_ 11-7-2004 at 21.06
It's pretty hilarious as in every country there are so much threads about it TODAY and there wasn't week, two weeks or couple of weeks ago !

More people in the Middle Ages were convinced that the Earth was flat than there is today. That doesn't mean there was any actual unflattening of the physical Earth by the time of Copernicus.

This guy wondered why he got so low attendence after a 7-0 loss.

Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Hasse (1484496.185) as reply to (1484496.178)
To: bannock 11-7-2004 at 21.56
First of all you have to realize that 7-0 is not only a big loss - it is a disaster.

And the system has open ends - there is not maximun or minimum output of any of the parameters. If one of them gives a very extreme input it is bound to have a big influence on the output.

Secondly, unlike IRL there are no "my" and "his" in this context. The parameters do not calculate two separate crowd numbers independently which are added together. They calculate one single crowd.

Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Bjorn (1484496.208) as reply to (1484496.207)
To: MountainHawk 12-7-2004 at 00:01
Yeah! You clearly forgot the square root! Everyone knows the HT's love square roots!!


Keywords: crowd formula, crowd size
From: HT-Hasse (1484496.250) as reply to (1484496.244)
To: Bayernstark 12-7-2004 at 13:09
Don’t you think it might be wise to consider a limit

We don't like limits in any parameters.

Keywords: (attendance), (derby)
From: HT-Hasse (4818792.15) as reply to (4818792.1)
To: gonzalviyo 7-1-2006 at 00:46
Hi, I've got one doubt I can't remember, did derbies in the past report more people to the stadium than matches between teams of two different regions? Thanks ;)

No. That has never been the case.

Keywords: (Spectators), (Budget)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.92) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 13.06.2007 at 18:59
Reply to (8995830.43)

Personally I think the amounts of spectators varies to much to anticipate at with your team’s budget, when you’re teams expenses for the biggest part consists out of salaries, you're not able to cope with it easily. How do you think about making the amount of spectators less variable?

I will definately not rule out such a change. The attendence figures is of course important when looking over the economy, so there might be some changes perhaps. That said variables is a must, and it should also reflect how good you're doing in your series. I guess there will always be people who think the attendence figures varie too much, and of course I can understand them too. Who likes a poor spectator figure after all?

After all things even out in the end, sometimes you get way more than you should get (and vice versa). Still, one could even out things more from the beginning - we'll think about it.