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From: HT-Bjorn (796145.68) as reply to (796145.62)
To: Little-P 17-01-2004, at 21:36
before you state that. Schweiz played 24,5* stars on the midfield, norway 23*, Schweiz couldn't even have played 20* with 4.

Never use stars to compare teams. Only use them to compare players

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From: HT-Hasse (1523089.18) as reply to (1523089.17)
To: Payto 20-07-2004, at 15:03
OK, I will clarify - the players performance of the day (do not get stars mixed into that) creates the values for the different team parts, which in their turn decide the outcome of the match.

Each individual player though might use skills that contribute to more than one team part (for instance both attack left wing and defence left wing).

The players receive an individual grade based upon all the skills they use, which as we have already seen may be parts of different team parts.

This is the only measurement of individual effort there is, and thus it is used to pick MOM etc. This is also basically the only way it could be done since it is impossible to measure individual effort in any other way.

This does not necessarily mean it was your most important player though. That might be your best defender, who you successfully placed on the flank where the other guy had his best winger. He did a good job closing the opponent's best flank, even though he might not have been the most talented player out there.

Pretty much as in real life don't you think btw?

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From: HT-Hasse (2442988.14) as reply to (2442988.1)
To: Kanik 30-01-2005 at 13:50
The thing is, to display for example 5 stars as one blue/red/green or any other color.

So what about this change?? Is that possible??

Not very likely I am afraid. Stars are not intended for comparisons between teams and any change that encourages that is sending out the wrong message.

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From: HT-Hasse (2442988.29) as reply to (2442988.27)
To: pbritton 30-01-2005 at 15:15
Even if this not the reason for showing stars, they must be there for some reason, otherwise why show stars at all?

There is one single purpose with the stars - to compare different performances for one and the same player.

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From: HT-Hasse (2442988.31) as reply to (2442988.30)
To: osci_oscbourne 30-01-2005 at 15:19
what about comparing same performances on same position for different players ? :-)

No, that is not the purpose. That it can be used for that when it comes to some positions (i.e. goalies and central defenders played "normal") is another issue, but it is still not the purpose.