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Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Johan (11676801.26) as reply to (11676801.22)
To: panitinho 8.8.2008 at 01:39
The Italian training has been delayed, or rather postponed, by the system tonight. It is having another go at it as we speak. I am not sure exactly what triggers these postponements, but the system tries to execute the task at the given time, and if there is too much of a bottleneck then, it might reschedule to do smaller things for a while, and then try again. This is probably been the case for Italy for the past few weeks. We are aware of it though, it is not a permanent situation. What can cause these problems is that a timeslot grows too small, as a league expands. There are probably ways to speed up the training though, we have done some optimization on it this summer already, but it seems not enough to fix Italy yet. I am keeping an eye on it now.
Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Johan (11676801.60) as reply to (11676801.57)
To: m_masche 8.8.2008 at 02:31
Thank you for the information. I have a question for the next weeks: let us suppose that the training of the nation A is scheduled later than Italy and also suppose that the training of A starts before than italian's one. This means that the italian trainins is postponed?

It´s a bit hard to explain, I shouldn´t probably even try to do it since I don´t understand the code myself... the "timeslots" are when things are supposed to happen on an ideal day. And that is also pretty much what happens every day, and what we strive for. If that goes well, we know we have overcapacity which is good for everyone.

But the system is built so that if something fails, or if a high prio item comes up when a low prio thing was scheduled, it might postpone the lower prio one, to do it when there is lessgoing on...

Training is not low prio, but these kind of shuffles are going on all the time, and its a way to make the system more efficient. From a system point of view it is not a failure that something is delayed, it´s all the stuff from the whole day that needs to fit into the day, if you see what i mean, before the next daily updates are scheduled. So, in a way we have just been stupid to say that Italian training happens a certain minute, we could just have said "before 06.00".

The training updates for the big leagues are major events and that is why they may sometimes becomes bottlenecks. This seems to be the case for the past few weeks, and is something we will have to analyze and fix.

Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Johan (11676801.79) as reply to (11676801.77)
To: m_masche 8.8.2008 at 04:48
I have a suggestion about your post (11676801.60). You said that the end of the day is at 6 am and the system try to do all stuff before that hour. But if the end of the day was at 2 am then people would not stay awake the whole night but only half of it in caso of dalay.

We need to do these things at night since there is less people online then. What we could do is pretend the things get done at 6 AM, and hide them until then, but that would be a lot of work for something purely cosmetic. Not very worthwhile. Or we could not state any time at all as official time, but people would still be figuring out when it "should" happen and be upset if there was a delay. Instead we list when it is scheduled, even if that means there will sometimes be a visible delay.

Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Tjecken (11811016.216) as reply to (11811016.202)
To: Everyone 5.9.2008 at 10:58
The topic should really be about the Spanish training, because that's what causing all delays. The Spanish training at this point of the season (it gets bigger for each match round) is very huge. The tables are quite huge, and what then happens is that the game engine tries to deal with it, but after some 45 minutes it "gives up" and reschedules the whole Spanish training and then it starts all over again.

During the time it tries to deal with the Spanish training all other tasks are put more or on less on hold, which then causes delays to other countries training too which normally shouldn't be any problem.

As I think you understand, we are working on this. We need to do something about the database tables affecting training. But it's not a trivial problem, the tables are so huge that they take a lot of time to work with. This means we need to really think about what we should do, so we don't waste our and your time (which in the end just will make this problem live on for many more weeks.

To be honest, we don't expect to be ready until next week's training, but we've got good hopes to have fixed the problem to the week after that (two weeks from now). Until then we will supervise things extra carefully the coming Thursdays, and manually do as much we can do to minimalize the delays.

I guess that's as much I can say about this for now. Now we'll try to force the Spanish training from yesterday to proceed. :)

Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Tjecken (11811016.447) as reply to (11811016.443)
To: mll1980 12.9.2008 at 10:43
Congratulations, great job with trainings.

Thanks. It feels great that we managed to fix the training delays even before yesterday's training, even though we initially thought we would have to wait until next week for a complete fix. We know the training update is something you enjoy - a highlight of the week, so it feels great to deliver that highlight to you as it should be delivered.

Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Tjecken (11811016.450) as reply to (11811016.448)
To: rei85 12.9.2008 at 11:03
then is it completely fixed?

For now at least. :)

Keywords: (Training delays)
From: HT-Tjecken (11811016.453) as reply to (11811016.451)
To: rei85 12.9.2008 at 11:21
I interpret "for now" as "As long as those league don't get much bigger"

Am I right?

In a way. As the we get more and more players in the Hattrick universe, we always have to consider how to deal with the size of the player databases to perform the training update in a good way. Things will for sure change in the future, which may slow down the training update. Hopefully we can be on top of that though, before you begin to experience any delays.

(There are for course also other temporary things which can delay updates, but that's out of the ordinary so to say)