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From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.68) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 12.02.2007 at 16:22
Reply to (7926938.461)

Is it true that a player can get two trainings in one week if he is transfered between two teams with different training time?

In a way, yes. He will recieve two trainings, but as he hasn't played any match for the second team the amount of training will be very small the second time.

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From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.99) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 22.08.2007 at 17:03
Back again after summer holidays, which unfortunately wasn't announced as it should've been. Sorry about that.

Reply to (8995830.344)

What about the bidprices for such a special player ?
Is it allowed to buy such special players for more money than what is considered to be overpriced according to his skills ?
Will I get a fine ? Will the seller be punished (received less money) ?
Could I be banned for this ?

For example :
1) I want to buy a player which has my real name (but no skills whatsoever). I would definitely buy him and maybe for much more than another user would pay for him

2) What about a player with a famous name (singer, footballer, ...) ?
I can assume a lot of female managers want to have Brad Pitt in their team ;-)
This would definitely create a bidwar (even though he has no football skills ;-)) , so how high can you overbid ?

The rules are quite clear on this point: "all bids should be in relevance to what could be considered reasonable for the player in question". How do we interpret this then, because what's reasonable for you may not be reasonable for me - something your first example pretty much shows. Cause I wouldn't pay anything for no-skilled player with your name, but you may.

But in fact this isn't really that hard as it looks, except for one thing which I'll save to last. But if you pay more than the market consider being normal it's an overbid. It's the GMs who make sure this rule is followed. One can say there are two types of overbids, those where no cheating are involved and those where cheating (giving favours to another team, which often is managed by the same person for some reason...) are involved.

Your examples are both of the first type. and what GMs do in that case is to do what they always do: They look at the market and check what this kind of player is normally worth. Now, if the player is worth 0 noone will care if you buy him for 1-2000€. I guess noone will care even if you buy him for 10000€. What's really interesting here is that anyone selling a 'nobody' shouldn't benefit just because of his name, hence why GMs deduct money from the seller if it's an overbid. So in theory you can pay how much you want for such a player, as the seller don't benefit from it. Paying that much for a player like that would however be pretty stupid of course.

The other type of overbids, where cheating is involved, require other actions (lock and fines etc) from GMs. Those cases are often pretty obvious and fairly easy to handle.

What's so hard then? The hard thing is for GMs to evaluate transfer price adjustments, cause the seller may be somewhat angry as someone takes "his" money. It's also pretty hard to say exact how much a player is worth. It's wise as a seller in an overbid case to report this directly to the GMs, for two reasons: Less frustration and more importantantly that a lack of report may add some suspicion to the case.

In the GM organization there are however persons who constantly follow the transfer market who help out in cases like this. And even if you'll never know exactly how much a player is worth we can always come pretty close, and GMs are rather kind when doing these eveluations.

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From: HT-Johan (11696954.8) as reply to (11696954.1)
To: TooMAX-LAHI 06.08.2008 at 12:31
At the present moment when you search a player in the transfers list you can only select how many years he must have but not how many days.

Sometime it's frustrating to search a player for example 17 years old and few days and have to open all the proposed players that have more than few days.

Since i understand that is difficult to change the search engine, a good intermediate solution could be to display how many days has each player already in the players list, after the search function.

What do you think about it?

The solution for this will be age (including days) as a sorting option on the transfer search. It is a rather small change that should solve the problem.

You would still search for 17 year olds, but they would be sorted from oldest to youngest in the serach results.

Keywords: (Transfer Search), (Age)
From: HT-Johan (11696954.11) as reply to (11696954.9)
To: thetycoon 06.08.2008 at 12:37
Btw, do you plan any changes in transfer search page? Will it be possible for supporters to look in all regions at the same time or sort the players by form? At least have you ever considered this?

Yes, there are some improvements coming up in that area.

Keywords: (Transfer Search), (Age)
From: HT-Johan (11696954.15) as reply to (11696954.13)
To: Pirats 6.8.2008 at 12:43
Somehow I do not see anything worthy in this sorting. Players are sorted depending on their deadlines. What does this aditional age sorting gives us?

Transfer deadline is one option for sorting. You can also sort by "Newest on transfer". This would be a third option.

Keywords: (Transfer Search), (Age)
From: HT-Johan (11696954.29) as reply to (11696954.16)
To: DAH-Playmaker 6.8.2008 at 12:56
What about the players deadline?

Would it not going to be sorted by deadlines anymore?

There are today 2 sorting options, transfer deadline is one of them. Age would be athird. You would have to choose.

Keywords: (Transfer Search), (Age)
From: HT-Johan (11696954.36) as reply to (11696954.33)
To: Bigfute 6.8.2008 at 13:26
I'd like to see the current form, injuries and all other attributes when listing the players from the given search conditions. Will it be possible?

Not in the cards right now, but definately considerable.

Keywords: (Transfer Search), (Age)
From: HT-Johan (11696954.37) as reply to (11696954.35)
To: Torn_ 6.8.2008 at 13:27
I would be happy with just form, speciality, experience, exact age, salary, plus of course everything we can see today :-)

hehe - mothers maiden name, most beloved pet and time of place of first kiss is what I would like to see