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By: HT-Tjecken 12435114.26 as reply to 12435114.25
To: Nesko_Jebanovic 03.02.2009 at 13:56
Nice job on this and also on the HT stability in the recent period (no server downs, no timeouts...)

Thanks. Actually we found ourselves facing a new "problem" related to the server stability this weekend when the "Uptime review" mails were sent out to our Supporters. The "problem" was that we didn't have any unplanned downtime in January at all (we hardly had any in December after the release of the new Design either), the only downtime we had was the planned season break downtime - and as a matter of fact we only used 5 of those 6 hours. So, in January we were actually online more than 100%. ;)

So, what's the "problem" then? The problem was that we didn't have any translated text that said that there was nothing to compensate this month. And as we felt it would have taken too long time to write/translate a new text, we simply chose to compensate for the 5 hours of planned downtime this time. :)

Next time we'll be better prepared for 100% uptime! :D

Keywords: (uptime review, stability, performance)

By: HT-Tjecken 12435114.35 as reply to
To: Everyone 03.02.2009 at 16:33
It would make sense that I am reimbursed (with time) for any amount of time that I am unable to use supporter.

I can understand that, but on the other hand we do not have to reimburse any downtime at all. We do this because we think it's fair and a nice gesture towards our Supporters. The reason why we choose not to go all the way is because we feel we shouldn't try to limit the planned downtime to the extreme. Planned downtime (which we don't have much of really) is there to make the site stable in the long run, to make hardware and software upgrades in a good way. One can say that the planned downtime is really there to minimize errors, problems and unplanned downtime - ie planned downtime makes both your and our Hattrick experience much better. Putting more stress on our shoulders with (perhaps shorter) planned downtimes would probably not be a wise thing at all. Sure, as a Supporter you wouldn't lose anything in that sense - but most likely lose on the other end as the site/game experinence would be worse (more problems/errors/downtime which you can't plan for). And with this in mind we think we've got a good refund policy. We compensate reasonable much (and more than we have to) at the same time as we don't "jeopardize" the site performance.

Keywords: (uptime review, stability, performance)

By: HT-Johan 14385356.17 as reply to 14385356.7
To: mesanchez 01.10.2010 at 14:24
HT was not working correctly for a couple of weeks now, continously login me (and other out), showing errors, TAKING FOREVER TO LOAD the pages. That is not right, i think it's really unfear to charge users for this.

When we calculate the downtime we take the periods when no one at all has been able to login and subtract from this the hours where we have planned downtime. It is not possible to base something like this on the experience of individual users.

I also think it should not be seen as a compensation at all. It was always intended as a symbolic gesture to our Supporters, to remind you and ourselves that uptime is important and that it is something we hold ourselves accountable for. I think it is a bit of a shame if you turn this against us, when we are the only site out there as far as I am aware that do this at all.

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