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By: flameron 11767489.153 as reply to 11767489.146
To: OgtheDim 28.8.2008 at 22:37
As more then one person has said, its amazing how many teams go bust 7 weeks after NT voting.

Very interesting thread.

Do you see any evidance that this is the cause. Usually the elections are done during end of season which seems a reasonable time to quit playing for more users then usual. Why do you suspect the increasing leave rate during this period is connected to the elections?

Keywords: (User numbers), (Quitting HT)

By: flameron 11767489.156 as reply to 11767489.155
To: LA-AmonRaZZ 28.8.2008 at 23:35
I know that without data its harder for you but this is generating a wider range of views which is interesting to read. Maybe if you will have more data it will limit the discussion.

Each summer has significant impact on the leave rate of users. It was the same in 2007, maybe even better this year. In general leave rates in HT are decreasing over time and not increasing (in the same seniority segment).

I'm mainly interested in why HT is huge in certain countries reaching pentration rate of 1:150 or close to that (Schweiz for instance) while in other countries (like England) the penetration rate is less then 1:4000.

Keywords: (User numbers), (Quitting HT)

By: flameron 11767489.177 as reply to 11767489.158
To: LA-AmonRaZZ 29.8.2008 at 09:54
Someone just told me - by HT-mail - that a simple "bye" was hard to understand. So I'll try to explain:

I think it is rather weird that you think that ignorance is the way to solve problems. If you do not want to give data, to get better input fine. For myself I've done all the guessing I could already, so... bye.

Your reply (and some other replies that follow) are the exact example why I did not want to give a lot of data. Even though I gave some data you decided its not enough and chose to read only the first sentence. Others ask for more information to show that what they believe is true, which will make this thread about me supplying data and you try to show your case / ask for more data to confront with your opinion.

I don't even have all the data to satisfy my wish for complete understanding so how can I satisfy yours. If you do not see how this will become a useless discussion by going this path at least have some respect for my point of view even if you do not agree. This approach of "give me what I want the way I want it" is what makes the involvement of me in discussions feel as a useless thing sometimes. Instead of motivating the discussion ppl try to attack me for not giving enough data, not listening, not accepting ones point of view. It becomes about convincing me instead of an open and constructive discussion this thread was. I am not saying we have to agree but give me the respect I have a reasonable reason to act as I do. You can convince me being wrong but it should be without taking the discussion off topic (you can also use HT-mail or a new thread)

Keywords: (User numbers), (Quitting HT)

By: flameron 11767489.192 as reply to 11767489.191
To: LA-AmonRaZZ 29.8.2008 at 22:27
You really need to read again what I wrote. At no point I have accused you on anything you did not do (saying goodbye because the data I supplied was not enough).

I never asked for you to do anything. I just said my main interest lies in penetration rate. Please feel free to continue and analyze any other part of the users’ behavior.

About motivating discussion I just explained how things might go wrong if I will choose the path you wanted. Never meant saying you acted that way. I'm sorry if I was misunderstood by anyone including you obviously.