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From Hattrick

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By: flameron 11788957.32 as reply to 11788957.1
To: Catalyst2950 31.8.2008 at 21:25

Stamina: disastrous Goalkeeping: non-existent Playmaking: non-existent Passing: non-existent Winger: non-existent Defending: non-existent Scoring: non-existent Set Pieces: non-existent

Wage: 300.7€

He's been like this (edit: skill-wise) for many seasons now. I always forgot to start this thread :)

There are two options:

1) Wage calculation is bugged 2) "Non-existent" doesn't mean zero, despite an old MyHT saying it's zero

What do you think, which is the correct bug here?

I see a skill loss 13 days ago.

Keywords: (Wages), (Wage calculation), (Set Pieces)

By: flameron 11788957.34 as reply to 11788957.33
To: Catalyst2950 31.8.2008 at 21:31
Look again :)

No, you look again :)

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By: flameron 11788957.37 as reply to 11788957.36
To: Catalyst2950 31.8.2008 at 21:37
Are you trying to tell me that a leadership drop from wretched to disastrous 13 days ago is responsible for his wage increase 144 days ago? :)

Nope. I looked at the code and did not think of a drop of something else then skill. I will look into it.

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By: flameron 11788957.40 as reply to 11788957.1
To: Catalyst2950 31.8.2008 at 22:54
Ok, after some confusion on my side the final result of my check is that this is the lowest salary in the system. Its due to the fact SP effect is always a fraction (even with 0 SP skill) and that the rounding is done prior to the SP effect.

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By: flameron 11788957.43 as reply to 11788957.41
To: Catalyst2950 31.8.2008 at 23:01
Ah, excellent, zero is not zero! Hattrick redefines logic and maths :)

Zero is zero. There is a minimum salary available in the system and with zero SP you can get it :)

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By: flameron 11788957.50 as reply to 11788957.44
To: Catalyst2950 31.8.2008 at 23:36
It's still a bug, no matter how nicely you put it :) But okay, I've learned to expect and accept very, VERY silly things in this game, and bugs being called features :)

No. Its really the way we built it. The 0 SP is a creature that does not exist unless the player is really old. Since we wanted to be exact on making divine SP add 5% to the salary we have made 0 SP still cost something. Since almost 100% of the players have more then 0 SP this approach is fair to them and since 0 SP is optional at old age with a very small impact I do not see any reason for a problem even in communicating the change at the time (as users would have felt we are just going into unimportant details if we did mention that exact 0 SP is not exact 0 raise in the salary).

btw - the smiles in your remark did not make the insult feeling go away.

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By: flameron 11788957.75 as reply to 11788957.73
To: Ratsia 1.9.2008 at 09:33
Is there, btw, some reason for this? The wages look rather nasty today, and I don't quite get why you would ever want to have rounded wages and then add something on top of that. It's just confusing. I've already seen some discussions where one party claims the wages are rounded to nearest 20, while the other is pointing at examples and saying that there is no rounding at all in wages...

I would personally like to see fully rounded wages, but also no rounding at all would be better than what we have today.

Yes. I agree. It was a mistake and not something intended. Probably at a certain point it will be fixed. There are other things I would like to be done before and seem to be simple as well so I can not tell when this will happen.