HTs on Global/Wing attack side bug

From Hattrick
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From: HT-Bjorn (1767768.21) as reply to (1767768.1)
To: Everyone 24-09-2004 at 10:05
It is very simple. I have no idea where the notion that it would depend on what team is home and what is away comes form, it has NOTHING to do with home/away team

Let me use and example: If someone comes home to visit me in my apartment, we might shake hands. So I raise my right hand. Now my visitor is supposed to raise his right hand. Clearly it is then the hand that is located on his right that should be lifted, not the hand that is located on the right side, seen from my "home perspective". Even if a reporter was watching this handshake standing behind me (the host), the reporter would still say that the visitor raised his right hand (because "his right hand" means exactly that - the hand that is on the right seen from the owner of the hand).

Hope this example clears some things up. If not, just forget the "home/away theory" and trust the the match report wording is correct (If it says "United moved up the right wing", then it is always Unitied's right wing. If it says "United's left defense allowed City to come through", then it is United's left defense that allowed City's right wing to come through).

Regarding the issue of people scoring on the "wrong" wing: Wing attacks often take the form of one player coming through on the (you guessed it...) wing and then make a pass into the middle. That means that it is often NOT the left winger that actually scores after the a left flank attack - in fact the other winger (but more often the strikers) or some other player, midfielder or even defender, has moved into the box near the goal and get to finish the attack off.

So, don't pay too much attention to who is actually scoring on a regular attack (things are different for "special event attcks", which are "individual achievements" to a much larger extent). What matters is if it is the left, right, middle (or set piece) that is generating the chance. Trust that part and consider the "who is scoring" as less important.

Keywords: (match order page)
From: HT-Bjorn (1767768.30) as reply to (1767768.25)
To: beltsov 24-09-2004 at 10:51
the match orders page is upside down.

I disagree. It is not upside down. Most people start reading a page from top to bottom. Most teams number their players from keeper to striker. Most people tend to start with the keeper when listing their team. Many (if admittedly not all) similar charts are oriented this way.

Flipping the page now would just confuse 400.000 users while not providing something profoundly better. Both orientations are possible and have their pros and cons. We've chosen this one and so we will stick to it.