Hans Erling Vad

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Personal Information
Full name Hans Erling Vad
Nickname Vad øl
Country Denmark Denmark
Position Forward
Club Information
Current club Synowie Borubara i Pereiro
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
29 Denmark Danish Beerdrinking Unlimited _0_(0)
29 -> 39 Belgium Sportieve Senioren _157_(95)
39 -> 40 Brazil Rafaelo Esporte Clube _20_(24)
40 -> ... Poland Synowie Borubara i Pereiro _167_(103)

Hans Erling Vad (116442481) was a forward of Sportieve Senioren.
Together with Jelmer Brandis and Jakob Kraeussel he formed the attacking trivium that dominated the team for nearly 10 seasons.
He currently plays for Synowie Borubara i Pereiro in Poland.

Prize shelf

  • Top scorer VI.36 22-09-2008 Became top scorer of VI.36 (Brasil) for season 28 with 16 goals
  • Top scorer VI.146 25-07-2010 Became top scorer of VI.146 (Polska) for season 30 with 21 goals
  • Belgium VIII.1935 VII.358 VII.711 VI.664 Brazil VII.175 Poland VI.146
  • Best Sportieve attacker in season 25 Best Sportieve attacker in season 25.