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Alltid & HatStat Federation (74507)
Alltid & Hatstat Federation.jpg
Chief Officer Luker
Founding date 12 June 2008
Members 135 (on 3 Sep 2009)
Languages English, French


Alltid & HatStat Federation is a federation founded by hattrick manager Luker for the most active of hattrick users. It is a federation dedicated to numbers and evaluations developed from statistics on Alltid or by Luker himself. Currently there is an active mentoring program, many statistical evaluations of teams in the federation, and some competitions that will be listed in more detail in the following section. The only thing that AH-Luker asks of new members is to install Firefox and Foxtrick and to have a basic understanding of the HatStats formula {HatStats = (3 * Midfield rating) + Attack rating + Defence Rating}.


HatStats + or -

A HatStats plus occurs when a team with fewer HatStats wins or draws against a team with more HatStats and a HatStats minus is the opposite (lose or draw against less HatStats). The goal of this competition is to get as many HatStats plus points as possible.

Hatstat/Midfield Predictions

This competition originally began as contest of who could most accurately predict the HatStats rating for their upcoming league match. In the second season midfield predictions were added. It now has evolved even further so that each week the teams are matched up against each other and the one who makes a better prediction gets points in the standings. It is currently managed by Kajones. Current results found here.


Season Winner Average Runner-up Average
36 jtholt USA 2.71 UAFS77 USA 2.86
37 Zealotus USA (hatstat)
jtholt USA (midfield)
2.78 0.13 jtholt USA (hatstat)
zealotus USA (midfield)
3.08 0.18
38 Penelope Switzerland (hatstat)
Penelope Switzerland midfield)
N/A Zealotus USA (hatstat)
kajones USA (midfield)
39 Luker USA (hatstat)
Briooo Italy midfield)
N/A samdori USA (hatstat)
samdori USA (midfield)

Bets vs Odds

The Bets vs Odds is a competition created by Luker in Season 36. Every week a number of matches (usually 2) are chosen to bet on and odds are created based on the bets. It is now running in its 3rd season and is currently managed by Samdori while Penelope usually finds the matches. Current results found here.


Season Winner Points Runner-up Points
36 Zealotus USA 2687 Luker USA 2516
37 samdori USA 3995 zster008 USA 3909
38 samdori USA 4532 Zizanie Canada 4443
39 atinacsoccer USA 5128 kajones USA 5080

Alltid & Hatstat Federation Official Cup

Every season an official AH Fed Cup is put together by Luker. The 3rd Official AH Fed Cup is currently in progress. Current results found here.


Season Winner Record Runner-up Record
36 Luker USA 7-0 samdori USA 6-1
37 Luker USA 7-1 Zizanie Canada 6-2
38 fasaani Finland 6-0 Luker USA 4-4
39 fuzzywoolhat Canada ? marekk_23 Spain ?

Statistical Evaluations

Cup Efficiency

This is a statistic ranking teams by the number of cup matches they have played compared to their overall time in hattrick. Rankings here.

Time Efficiency

The time efficiency evaluation ranks teams based on their HatStats rating compared to other teams of the same age. The evaluation is based on the Alltid starting date ranking. Rankings here.

Trading Profile

A simple statistic based on the number of transfers compared to time in hattrick. Rankings here.

AH Fed Hall of Fame

  • When joing AH Federation, teams can apply for an office depending on their best HatStats achieved in a match (i.e. 100+, 150+, 200+, etc.)
  • To qualify for the AH Hall of Fame a team should advance to an office higher than where they started. Members here.

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program was developed to speed up the advancement of new users in hattrick. It is broken down into 5 groups that each have an experienced user that is the mentor and 3 other users called hattrickers. The hattrickers are evaluated by the position in their league compared to their team salary, team worth, and hatstats.

Current Mentors are:

  • Blue Group: Kajones USA
  • Red Group: Luker USA
  • White Group: Maumin Colombia
  • Black Group: Marekk_23 Spain
  • Green Group: Kensail USA

Current members listed here.