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Individual orders




The midfield of a team decides the ball possession within a match. The higher the ball possession, the bigger the chance of receiving more regular chances.


Midfield contributions are from:

Playmaking inner midfielders
Playmaking wingers
Playmaking central defenders
Playmaking forwards
Playmaking wing backs

So, Playmaking skill of every fielded player count for midfield rating calculation. Defence and offence can also add to the midfield rating.

Playmaking Contribution from
Player Defence Midfield Offence Overcrowding Penalty
Position /
Central Defender Wing Back Inner Midfielder Winger Forward
Defensive No 10% 95%** 30% 35% (*) 2 Central defenders: -3.6%
3 Central defenders: -10%
Normal 25%* 15% 100%** 45% 25%
(wing or middle)
15%* 20% 90%** 55% 15% (**) 2 Inner Midfielders: -6.5%
3 Inner Midfielders: -17.5%
Offensive 40%* 20% 95%** 30% No

Events affecting midfield

Attitude Venue Bonus/Malus Total
Normal match away 0.00% 100.00%
home +19.89% 119.89%
Derby away +11.49% 111.49%
home +19.89% 119.89%
Match of the Season away +11.49% 111.49%
home +31.38% 131.38%
Play it cool away -16.06% 83.94%
home +3.84‬% 103.84‬%
Counter-attacks away -7.00% 93.00%
home +12.89% 112.89%

The choice affects the team's performance during the match as well as Team Spirit in the long period.

Team spirit give a further bonus to midfield rating.

  • Due to lack of formation experience level a team can suffer confusion and have midfield lose possession. In the match report will appear the level of disorganisation.
  • The overconfidence you get in the beginning of the match, only your midfield is affected.
    Note: the message in the beginning of the match never appears when you play MOTS. So you can use the team attitude to avoid overconfidence (be careful doing that if you'll have to play a qualification match after this).
  • When you get a negative experience message in the match report all your ratings are affected and your team will perform as going into disorganisation, depending of both teams’ experience. In the match report doesn’t appear the level of disorganisation, but you can see that in midfield, as you’ll notice the difference in possession, comparing to the first half (the final ratings are the average of all 90 minutes or possible extra ones).

See Also

  • To calculate your midfield before the game you can use a lot of tools (ex: Midfield calculator).

The following contents are based on experience and/or research conducted by Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

  • An investigation on the ball possession to number of chance ratio (made by LLoko) shows that the number of chances is not linear to the ball possession. So, from 65% and upwards, it is very likely that the opponent will not receive a single chance. This knowledge is the basis behind the so-called "all out tactics".
  • HT-Hasse has made statements in the conferences that directly contradict this theory, but was later dismissed by HT-Tjecken.