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The correct title of this page is hattrick´s worst team. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

This article is about the German team called Hattrick´s worst team. For an article about the worst teams in the world look here.‎

hattrick's worst team

hattrick's worst team (521197) was founded on 27th of August, 2004, originally under the name of SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg. Under the original name the team managed to win one match, which was also its first, and score an astounding 7 goals. After the first five matches the team never scored another goal again.

First five matches 1 0 4 7 20
total as SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg 1 0 8 7 47
total as hattrick's worst team [1] 0 1 108 0 1018
total 1 1 116 7 1065
  1. ^  Only draw of hwt was a mutual walkover in a cup match. For the record it should be noted that the opponent, not hwt, continued to the next round.

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