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Hattrick 6.2

Proclaiming the Anniversary Season

Date of appearance: 21-08-2002, season 17

Yes, on August 30, it is exactly 5 years since Hattrick started. Five years on the web! Can you believe it? In some sense it is an eternity. Remember 1997? The dot-com boom was still in its infancy. Netscape was the most common web browser. No one had yet heard of Napster. The Spice Girls were climbing the charts. The wheel was hardly invented. Human beings had just recently climbed down from the trees, stopped walking on their knuckles and began to differentiate themselves from the apes. Well, most of us had.

However, out of this dawn of cyber-mankind, Hattrick emerged to bring its blessings to the human race (and also, admittedly, eventually, things like ht-holics and the woe of a lost transfer duel). Starting today, and for the duration of the upcoming season, we will celebrate this five year anniversary in a couple of ways at the site. We hereby proclaim the upcoming season, the ANNIVERSARY SEASON.

First off, the Anniversary Season will sport a couple of news, compiled into a minor upgrade of Hattrick to version 6.2

  • Expansion of the upper range of the denominations. "Divine" has become devaluated over the years. People are beginning to speak of "Divine + so-and-so". That isn't good and just as we have done before when the players have become better and better, "divine" will be shifted upwards and new denominations will be inserted above supernatural, like this:
Old (English) New (English) New (French) New (German) New (Spanish) New (Swedish)
divine divine divin göttlich divino gudomlig
divine utopian utopique galaktisch utópico utopisk
divine magical magique märchenhaft mágico magisk
divine mythical mythique mythisch mítico mytomspunnen
divine extra-terrestrial extra-terrestre außerirdisch extra terrestre utomjordisk
divine titanic titanesque gigantisch titánico titanisk
supernatural supernatural surnaturel übernatürlich sobrenatural himmelsk
world class world class légendaire Weltklasse clase mundial oförglömlig
magnificient magnificient inoubliable fantastisch magnifico övernaturlig
brilliant brilliant exceptionnel brilliant brillante gudabenådad
outstanding outstanding impressionnant großartig destacado legendarisk
formidable formidable excellent hervorragend formidable unik
excellent excellent très bon sehr gut excelente fenomenal
solid solid honorable gut bueno enastående
passable passable passable passabel aceptable ypperlig
inadequate inadequate inadéquat durchschnittlich insuficiente bra
weak weak faible schwach débil hyfsad
poor poor médiocre armselig pobre dålig
wretched wretched très mauvais erbärmlich horrible usel
disastrous disastrous catastrophique katastrophal desastroso katastrofal
  • We've changed the rating values for the team sectors (e.g. left attack) so that they more closely resembles the values in the match simulation. How does this effect your ratings? Your attack rating will appear lower. It has previously been presented too high, and of course we want you coaches to have as exact help tools as possible. Also, the new denominations will appear (if you're team's good enough :) ) in the ratings, exactly as for player descriptions. Note that nothing has changed in the game engine, it's only the presentation that's changed.
  • Improved team psychology simulation. When a team buys and sells players, IRL it affects the team spririt as players get worried about their own places in the squad, especially if a club buys a lot in a short time ("Aren't we good enough? Who the heck is this new bloke - I definitely don't like him!") and when players are sold it is also a disturbance in the team spririt.

This will be simulated by the new possibility that when a new player is bought, chances are that it will have a negative impact on team spirit. The less agreeable the player is the worse the chances and the worse the effects. When a player is sold, agreeability works in the opposite direction. If you sell a popular player, there is a risk that it lowers your team spirit. The impact on team spirit is not huge (and it only happens sometimes) - it will only be really significant if you buy and sell an absurd number of players in a short time.

  • Changes to training. Some types of training that are hardly being trained at all will become more effective:
    • Set pieces - we are removing the negative effect on stamina that this training type previously had (yep, ever since August 30, 1997).
    • Shooting - The effect on set pieces is double compared to before.
    • Passes - The effect on the passing skill is increased by 50% compared to before.

We believe that these changes will encourage people to train these neglected skills (set pieces and passing). That would be a good thing because it gives more diversity to the game. For instance, it may be useful to start training inner mids in passing and not ONLY playmaking, which would open up more tactical possibilities.

  • Team events log. The Club page will list all the major events of your team recently. Finally, you will have a listing of the economic transactions affecting your team, along with other major events for the team. Previously, the column "Temporary Revenue" hasn't been very informative. Now you will be able to follow the individual transactions backwards.
  • A minor improvement to the match reports. Immediately when the match starts, it will be reported briefly what players are fielded for each team. Not only that they played 3-5-2 (or whatever), but a listing of the player's last names like: Smith - Jones, Abbot, Costello - Lennon, McCartney, Starr, Harrison, Sutcliffe - Milli, Vanilli

So far the new features of HT 6.2.

Second part the Anniversary Season batch is not a big thing for 99% of the Hattrick users. It is a fling of nostalgia for those who played Hattrick before HT 5.0: All the matches from season 2 have been converted to the current format. Because of the nature of these reports, the reports can only be read in Swedish. Also, the first version of the Hattrick site is now available at www.hattrick.org/museum.

Corny? Unnecessary? Pathetic? Hey, it is an anniversary, and there must be something for the nostalgic in an anniversary, right?

Ugly? Look, I told you the site was born during the hunter-gatherer stone age, didn't I?


We are releasing a new version of Hattrick Supporter. The main theme of this release is Statistics. Although the old player statistics are not revived, 7 of the existing pages n the site have been equipped with a link to "Supporter Stats". Under the hood of those Supporter Stats, a hoard of yummy stats for the stats-geek can be found It is more than can be described here, but take a look at the Supporter Stats in the following pages:

  • The match report
  • The series page (III.35 and so on)
  • Training
  • Arena
  • Bids
  • The transfer search form page
  • The cup page

In addition to the new stats pages, the new version of Supporter contains: * The notebook - A handy page where you can make your own private notes. It is easily accessible from an icon in the lower left corner inside the My Team box. It is also accessible from under the Supporter menu.

  • Player notes - like the notebook, these can only be read by yourself. You can write up to 500 character for each player.

Well, that is it. The new features will be activated during Wednesday and Thursday.

Welcome to the Anniversary Season.

/The HT Team