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05-10-2004 Economy adjustments for next season
Next season, the income per sold ticket increases approximately 10%. Sponsor income also goes up 10% and the prize money (after the season) for achivement in the league is doubled. These improvements are made to ensure that the global Hattrick economy remains healthy (not over-heated and not in recession). A document is now available describing the upcoming season's economy adjustments.

Economy adjustments[edit]

General comments[edit]

The HT-Team always monitors the global Hattrick economy to make sure that it is healthy. Based on the data available, we adjust the economy in the end-of-season break. Please note that we mainly look at the underlying economy, not so much the fluctuations in the transfer market. We would prefer a transfer market that did not fluctuate too much. However, a lot of factors determine how the market behaves and we cannot fully control the transfer market, so there will always be fluctuations.

Instead, we concentrate on the two most important factors for ensuring that the transfer market is as stable as possible: A healthy global economy (the amount of money available in the game), and a set of rules for the transfer market that does not change too dramatically. Last season we made some major changes to the transfer rules, and those rules will, on the whole, remain for many seasons to come.

The global economy however, needs some fine-tuning each season. It must not be over-heated and it must not be starving.

Measures for Season 24[edit]

The global economy of Hattrick has been rather stable this past season. The average team now has 253 000 € in the treasury, which is only marginally less than one season ago when it was 259 000 €. The big drop happened in last season's break (when it dropped to 229 000 €), while the economy has spent this past season slowly, slowly recovering.

However, next season teams will generally have higher salaries (as they always do, mostly because the average team gets slightly better, and therefore gets higher player salary costs). The salary formulas have also changed (as we explained in the HT 6.6 release). Then there will be a change to the cup system which has economic effects.

Having evaluated the current situation and all changes, we have come to the conclusion that in order to continue to have a stable economy in the game, we need to increase the income side somewhat for the upcoming season.

The general economic adjustments to take effect in the upcoming season are as follows.

  • Spectator income per sold ticket will increase:
    • Terrace places from 5.0 € to 5.5 €
    • Regular seats from 7.5 € to 8.0 €
    • Seats under a roof from 10 € to 11 €
    • Seats in VIP lounge from 25 € to 27.50 €

This will give an overall increase of ticket income of slightly less than 10%.

  • Sponsor income will be 10% higher.
  • The prize money for series positions (but not the promotion bonus) will be doubled from their current values. The cup prize money will also be doubled and start being given out two rounds earlier than before. This will, of course, not have any practical effect until towards the end of Season 24. The cup prize money will be as follows::
    • Cup winner: 800 000 €
    • Losing finalist: 400 000 €
    • Losing semi-finalists: 200 000 €
    • Losing quarter-finalists: 100 000 €
    • Losing last-sixteen team: 50 000 €

Along with these changes, we would like to give you advance warning about a change that will not occur until the season after the upcoming one:

From Season 25 (which starts in late January 2005), the costs for expanding your arena will be doubled compared to today. In the season after that, they will increase even more. The reason for this change is that these prices have fallen behind while all other costs have gone up since Season 1 when these prices were set.