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Everyone in the cup (almost)[edit]

Date of appearance: 01-10-2004, season 24

Today, almost half of Hattrick's population is playing in the 7th division and lower. Until now, these users (and some more) have been unable to take part in the Cup. This means that they miss out on an important part of the Hattrick experience.

We are pleased to announce that we have finally been able to change the cup system to allow cups to contain up to 32,768 teams!

In order to do this, we have been forced to drop the double-meets in the semifinals and final. Instead, these two rounds (the semifinals and final) will each be played as a single match on neutral ground (this applies to all leagues, even if they are small or not: same rules for everyone). The arena chosen will be a large one in a region that neither team comes from. The teams will split income 50-50 from matches on neutral ground.

Since we cannot, for practical or technical reasons, play 16,000 matches at once, the matches during the first rounds of the largest cups will be played with a 15 minute delay per 4096 matches. (An example is given at the end of this page).

Details and examples

League with 168 teams: 128 teams in cup (7 rounds)

League with 680 teams: 512 teams in cup (9 rounds)

League with 2728 teams: 2048 teams in cup (11 rounds)

League with 10920 teams: 8192 teams in cup (13 rounds)

League with 19112 - 27304 teams: 16,384 teams in cup (14 rounds)

League with 35496+ teams: 32,768 teams in cup (15 rounds)

If there are 16384 teams left in the cup (8192 matches), half of these will be played at the regular time, the other 4096 will be played 15 minutes later. In the first round of the biggest cups, there will be 4 batches. For instance, Sweden, which normally starts their cup matches at 19:00, will have 4096 matches starting at 19:00, another 4096 matches starting at 19:15, another 4096 starting at 19:30 and the final 4096 matches starting at 19:45.