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Hattrick at Quakenet is an IRC Channel that has been around for some time, most of the people on the channel is danish but also some foreign users visit the channel - Hattrick at quakenet is an international channel, however due to the overload of danish users, most of the talk in the channel is danish.

The administrators in the channel is following:

  • XorpiZ - Manager of Torpedo Bundgaard
  • kauffmann - Manager of Gundsølille SG&IF
  • Baijs - Manager of Lyngby BK
  • JumpingCarrot - Manager of Camping Turr Oj
  • Neo2k aka. Skum-Dk - Manager of Skumlers United
  • PeterBN - Manager of Gandhi Stars
  • BigN - Manager of Whiskybætet
  • Kinkyway aka Phink - Manager of FC Álvaro
  • Singers - Manager of Team Ireland
  • Lisby - Manager of FC Fisker
  • Syko^ - Manager of Herslev FC

Here is some guides how to join the channel

Danish Guide by PeterBN

Danish Guide with step-by step pictures by Skum

Before you join be sure to read the channel rules



Co Chans:

HT-NFL - Channel for the HT-NFL Fantasy Football league

HT-TS - Channel for members of HT-Sports Online