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Headless Chickens FC was founded April 8th 1998 by HT-Hasse. The team comes from Sverige, which at that time was the only Hattrick nation. The lowest division in 1998 was IV and nothing could save the team from finishing last the first season, which was the third in Sverige.The first couple of seasons the team was called Notts County FC, but the manager soon realised that it was not very original to use the name of a real team and changed the name to the current one.

Already in the second season Headless Chickens managed to win the series and a slow but steady climb through the system began. In season 24 the team reached its peak, playing in Allsvenskan , which is the top division. With a weak economy and several heavy injuries relegation could not be avoided however, but HCFC still won 12 points.

With the difficult economical situation in mind the management decided to rebuild the team from scratch. Hence Headless Chickens FC are found in lower divisions nowadays.

Winners of division I season 23
Winners of division II season 14 and season 21.
Winners of division III season 9 and season 12.
Winners of division IV season 4 and season 37.
Winners of division V season 29.

Bob Sunesson also played for Headless Chickens FC during a brief spell.