Hector Blackburn

From Hattrick

Hector Blackburn is one of the youth who were pulled on the 13th of August 2005. He was promoted from the youth squad as an outfielder with solid defending and, surprisingly, excellent goalkeeping. There were similar players pulled in other countries at the time, but none achieved the same notoriety.

He was a "feature" of Hattrick that arose as the HT team was fixing an unrelated bug. It appears that they failed to properly special-case goalkeeping skill, since outfield pulls should not have significant goalkeeping skill and no pulls should have excellent goalkeeping. The bug was fixed within hours of Hector and the other pulls appearing.

Sadly Hector was lost to the Hattrick world when his team Palestinian Freedom was hacked. He was raised from the dead by the HT's, but his fate was sealed when his team was locked and became a bot.