Highlanders Football Club

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Highlanders Football Club
Highlanders logo
Club Details
Club Name: Highlanders FC
Nickname/s: Highlanders
Established: 21-01-2018
Club motto: Hold fast
Manager: Scotland Goordon
Head coach: Scotland Liam Dailly
Current Series: Scotland IV.45
Previous Season (63): 1st in IV.45
Region: Highland
City: in the Highlands
Country: Scotland Scotland
Symbol: Highland Goat
Fan Club: The Clan
Match Kits Highlanderskit.png
Titles: 6
SPL Titles: 0
Scottish Cup Titles: 0
Hattrick Masters Appearances: 0
Top Goal Scorer Awards: 6
Old Ledaig Park
(42.000 seater)

Highlanders Football Club

Highlanders Football Club is a Scottish Hattrick Football club owned by Goordon and based in the Highlands. They play all their home matches at Old Ledaig Park. The club currently play in the Scottish IV.45, after being promoted from the Scottish V.87 in the 59 season. Nicknamed The Highlanders, the club's colours are dark blue, green and yellow.



Season 63 (Current)

Promotion to the Third Scottish League.

Season 62

After losing on February 1 their second playoff final to Gonnae No Utd 2-3, Highlanders will spend a third season in the IV.16 League.

In FW Liam Coplay, FW Ingvar Vilhjálmsson

Out MF Robert Malcolm, FW Willie Mclaughlin, GK Willie Sage, FW Ingvar Vilhjálmsson

Season 61

Highlanders will spend another season in the IV.16 league after losing their playoff final to Lindrum. A great season with 12 victories, two draws allowing the club to win their second title in a row. Congratulations to Lee Bryan who has only conceded two goals throughout the season, an incredible performance that makes him our best player of the season. Connor Ward was also rewarded as the season’s top scorer with 17 goals. Bernie Murphy entered into the Hall of Fame after scoring 68 goals in 102 games for the Highlanders.

In MF Florian Pineau, FW Gary O'Henry

Out MF Scott O'Boyle , FW Maurice Long

Season 60

Although Highlanders were crowned champions on Saturday, it was not a smooth ride for Samuel Marton's men whose early-season form showed little title-winning potential. But the door to the top of the table was flung open in style on week 14 when MacBigia Team lost 2-1 at CJ Rovers while Highlanders beat Teuchters United. The results puts Highlanders at the top of the table and allows them to win the league. The Irish forward Connor Ward was also rewarded as the season’s top scorer with 19 goals.

In FW Connor Ward, MF Fred MacStay, GK Lee Bryan, MF Jawad Awan

Out MF Sam Davies, DF Rocky Knott, MF Tobias Wolf


Haggis is the official mascot of the Highlanders Football Club.


Scottish League Titles

Season 56 - V.205 1st Scotland

Season 57 - V.205 1st Scotland

Season 59 - V.87 1st Scotland

Season 60 - IV.16 1st Scotland

Season 61 - IV.16 1st Scotland

Season 62 - IV.16 3rd Scotland

Season 63 - IV.45 1st Scotland

Club records

Season - Top goal scorer:

Season 56 - Scotland Bernie Murphy with 17 goals (V.205 Golden Boot)

Season 57 - Scotland Bernie Murphy with 15 goals

Season 58 - Scotland Bernie Murphy with 9 goals

Season 59 - Scotland Bernie Murphy with 18 goals (V.87 Golden Boot)

Season 60 - Republic of Ireland Connor Ward with 19 goals (IV.16 Golden Boot)

Season 61 - Republic of Ireland Connor Ward with 17 goals (IV.16 Golden Boot)

Season 62 - Republic of Ireland Connor Ward with 22 goals (IV.16 Golden Boot)

Season 63 - Republic of Ireland Connor Ward with 21 goals (IV.45 Golden Boot)

Most goals for the club:

85 Republic of Ireland Connor Ward

68 Scotland Bernie Murphy

57 Scotland Sebastian Cox

48 France Samuel Marton

Prospect for U-20 Scotland National Team:

Scotland John McGran

Scotland Liam Coplay

Biggest home win:

9 - 0

Biggest away win:

0 - 11

Best rank:

225 in Scotland (08.10.2019)

224 in Scotland (14.10.2019)

223 in Scotland (18.11.2019)

220 in Scotland (26.11.2019)

217 in Scotland (02.12.2019)

212 in Scotland (11.12.2019)

207 in Scotland (19.12.2019)

203 in Scotland (25.12.2019)

199 in Scotland (07.01.2020)

206 in Scotland (02.02.2020)

187 in Scotland (08.09.2020)

100 matches played

Scotland Sebastian Cox

Scotland Noel Davy

Scotland Lewis Rangecroft

Scotland Bernie Murphy

Republic of Ireland Carl Ó Daire

Republic of Ireland Claude Mac an Bhreithiún



Republic of Ireland GK Lee Bryan

Republic of Ireland GK Claude Mac an Bhreithiún


Scotland DF Arron Gallagher

Scotland DF Lewis Rangecroft

Republic of Ireland DF Carl Ó Daire

Northern Ireland DF Harvey Dean

Scotland DF Douglas Curry

Scotland DF Charles Kerr

Scotland DF Declan MacMuller

Midfielder & Winger

Scotland MF Sebastian Cox (captain)

Scotland MF Syd Kellor

Scotland MF Owen Goodbody

France MF Florian Pineau

France MF Samuel Marton

Scotland MF Jawad Awan

Scotland MF Fred MacStay

Iceland MF Árni Gunnarsson

Scotland MF Duncan Spall


Republic of Ireland FW Connor Ward

Republic of Ireland FW Gary O'Henry

Scotland FW Noel Davy

Scotland FW Alistair McKenna

Scotland FW John McGran

Scotland FW Kieran Horrocks

Scotland FW Liam Coplay

Scotland Dylan MacGeady

Head coach

Scotland Liam Dailly 1 title (IV.45 Season 63) (current coach)

Scotland Sebastian Cox 1 title (IV.16 Season 61)

France Samuel Marton 2 titles (V.87 season 59 & IV.16 Season 60)

Belgium Fawzi Aznidi 1 title (V.205 season 57)

Scotland Richard Swift 1 title (V.205 season 56)

Youth team Young Highlanders U19

Scotland Scott Caw (current coach)

Scotland Harris Tarven (coach) 2 titles U19

Hall of Fame

Grassford.PNG Scotland Blair Glassford (Secretary)