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The correct title of this page is hlv86. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

hlv86 is a team located in Lima, Peru. It was founded in july 5, 2004. The president is hlv86. First official game was played with czech 666 and was tie with a 0-0.

Current Team[edit]


Flag Coach
Chile Cesar Picarte


Flag Player Flag Player
Perú Alejandro Mostto Argentina Alejandro Ojeda
España David Alemparte Norway Inqvar Nyen
România Marius Giurca Danmark Nick Bjerrum
Sweden Ola Fredflo Perú Pablo Ibañez
Colombia Pablo Monaco Schweiz Paulo Borer
Italia Piercarlo Nicolotti Perú Rodrigo Cajavilca
Sweden Sven Lindhkvist Germany Teodor Marschhauser
Hellas Themis Tselementes Danmark Tyne Denning Hansen