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Hot Ice (1737887)
Official logo for Hot Ice
Region Moscow
Country  Rossiya
Geografic area Eastern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 09.02.2008
Stadium Hot Ice Battle Arena (60 000 seats)
Fan club Hot Pinguin's ( 2 626 members)
League IV.16
President Russia MapToBckuu


Coach Germany Bastian Weideneder
Prize shelf
Series Champions V.30(Rossiya) Season 28Series Champions VI.49(Rossiya) Season 25

Top Scorer V.30(Rossiya) Season 27Top Scorer V.30(Rossiya) Season 28

Team colours
Hot Ice-home.pngHot Ice-away.png
Youth Team
Youth Team: Hot Ice Jr
Youth arena: Hot Ice Arena

Hot Ice is Russian football club from Moscow.

The Team

Foundation History

Hot Ice was founded February 9th, 2008.


Hot Ice Battle Arena

Hot Ice Battle Arena is the arena of Hot Ice. It has a total capacity of 60 000.

  • Total capacity: 60 000
  • Terraces: 34 000
  • Basic seating: 17 400
  • Seats under roof: 7 100
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 500

Club History

Season League Russian Cup Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
22 (34) 6th in VI.49 none none Valery Maretskiy, Vladimir Balakshin 3
23 (35) 4th in VI.49 none none Peep Eha 7
24 (36) 2nd in VI.49 1st round none Héctor Cárdenas 6
25 (37) 1st in VI.49 2nd round Division VI.PNG Héctor Cárdenas 10
26 (38) 3rd in V.30 2nd round none Mehmet Kemal Kaptan 10
27 (39) 2nd in V.30 3rd round Goldenboot V.gif Mehmet Kemal Kaptan 13
28 (40) 1st in V.30 3rd round Division V.PNG Goldenboot V.gif Thomi Baumgarten 12
29 (41) 6th in IV.16 3rd round none Mahmood Shadi Asaad 8
30 (42) 3rd in IV.16 5th round none Mathias Åkesson 15
31 (43) 3rd in IV.16 4th round none Henrik Kvarnmar 10
32 (44) 2nd in IV.16 4th round none Stein Opheim 7
33 (45) 4th in IV.16 6th round none Hergrímur í Vági 6

Youth Team


  • Youth team scout: Ruslan Kaskevich, 51 years, Looking for player in Ivanovo) Russia
  • Youth team scout: Foma Bykov, 45 years, Looking for player in Chelyabinsk Russia
  • Youth team scout: Vasily Gorbatyuk, 42 years, Looking for player in Ivanovo Russia


Hot Ice Arena is the arena of Hot Ice Jr. It has a total capacity of 300.

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