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Hottrick is a Hattrick community website developed and maintained by jerzy who is manager of Polish club Dziobaki.

Hottrick has a number of features available. Some of which can only be used by registered users.

Hattrick Keeper Tool[edit]

This online tool allows you to evaluate a goalkeeper based on his TSI and form to determine his sub level of skill and see just how close he his to (or far from!) popping.

Keeper Tool

Platypus Hattrick Guide[edit]

This user guide is well worth a read for new users though it's a little out-of-date in parts. Written in an idiosyncratic manner so entertaining as well as informative. Available in English and Dutch languages and contains chapters about Important Concepts, Training, Starting Strategy, Psychology and Specialties.

Platypus Guide

Hattrick Link Generator[edit]

As you may have discovered if you link directly to a hattrick page such as a team or player on a forum, blog or other website then when you click that link it takes you to the default hattrick log in page. What this tool does is take you to a hottrick page from where you can click a link to whichever hattrick server you are currently logged in to. Example

Link Generator

Friendlies Search Engine[edit]

Here you can view requests for friendlies & also publish your own offer. In order to publish your own request you will have to download your hattrick data to the Hottrick site.

Friendlies Search

Hattrick Bookmarks[edit]

This feature allows you to bookmark favourite players, teams, matches and leagues. Once you're signed in to Hottrick simply add the player etc ID & Hottrick will bookmark it for you, saved in the format of the Hattrick Links Generator described above.


Team Blog[edit]

With the team blog feature you can create team related content and news hosted on Hottrick. You even get to create your own unique team blog name with the format Essentially this feature allows you to make off-site press announcements about anything to do with your team. There is a comments facility so other Hottrick users can reply to your blog posts and there's even an RSS facility so your blog can be syndicated elsewhere. Example

Create Team Blog