Hrustan Beširević

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Personal Information
Full name Hrustan Beširević
Nickname Beši
Country Crna Gora Crna Gora
Position Attacker
Club Information
Current club
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
32 Crna Gora FK Autogol _1_(0)
32 Norge kvalmball _9_(0)
32 -> 33 Schweiz A.C. Milan United _6_(0)
33 -> 34 Sverige Söra Lions _23_(12)
34 -> 38 Bosna i Hercegovina c. Valencia c.f _76_(65)
38 -> 39 Schweiz Suzuki-Fighters _20_(4)
39 -> 56 Belgium Sportieve Senioren _276_(136)
National Team
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
29 Crna Gora U-20 Crna Gora _2_(1)

Hrustan Beširević (156451289) was a striker of Sportieve Senioren.
He was the first former international playing for Sportieve, although he only played 2 games for his country.

Prize shelf[edit]

  • Sverige VI.155 Bosna i Hercegovina V.225 IV.15 Belgium VI.844 VII.579

International U-20 carrier[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]

At the beginning of season 43 Beširević retired and joined the Hall of Fame.
He became an agent.