II.2 (USA)

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USA's II.2 is usually regarded as the second best II in the USA. Some of the most famous Major League teams have won this division, including Tombstone Titans, Kansas City Wizards, and Cyclones. The league's most famous, adored and beloved resident is without a doubt conference darling FryDog, owner of Team Dank, who has won the league twice.


(As of Season 36)

Title Winners

Season Winner
35 Byzantines
34 Spocker
33 FC Kaauuli
32 Team Dank
31 Team Dank
30 Wake Mourners
29 San Diego de Alcala
28 Byzantines
27 Cubs
26 Green Man
25 Team Dank
24 Team Dank
23 Rizzo's Salesmen
22 Cyclones
21 Minute Men
20 arabia
19 Tombstone Titans
18 Drunk&Disorderly
17 CrazyCoCo
16 Tombstone Titans
15 The Wolfpack
14 The Wolfpack
13 Kansas City Wizards
11 Iowa