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USA's II.3 is arguably the worst II in the USA historically, and has the worst track record with its ML promotees. Change is a good description of II.3; it has never seen a team win back-to-back titles, and only ACL Tears, Clarion Taffurs, and Drunk&Disorderly have won the series twice. It is the only II to never house a Major League champion in its history, though it has housed two second place finishers and some notable Cup teams. II.3's most famous resident is probably Drunk&Disorderly, who, prior to their demotion, spent 6 seasons in the ML and earned a 2nd place finish, along with a national cup trophy. US Open Cup winners Knights of the Apocalypse also claimed a II.3 trophy in the same season they won the cup, though they failed to promote to the Major League.

Clubs (Season 42)

Title Winners

Season Winner
41 Max's Marauders
40 AhlyUSA
39 Rushmore FC
38 Aratar
37 ACL Tears
36 Swedish Team
35 ACL Tears
34 StocksQuest
33 Myopic Marauders
32 The Fancy Garlic Presses
31 Clarion Taffurs
30 Submarines
29 Dynamo Moscow
28 Drunk&Disorderly
27 The Fancy Garlic Presses
26 Drunk&Disorderly
25 Mascots
24 Dawn of Twilight
23 Clarion Taffurs
22 Siena AC
21 crunchers
20 Valley Warriors
19 Knights of the Apocalypse
18 Minute Men
17 AYSA Express
16 Onion Patch
15 Manhattan United
14 Tarheels7
13 Pebble Street FC