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INNW (69335)
69335 t1.jpg
managed by sirDeeVee
Founded 28-03-2007
Region Noord-Brabant
Country Netherlands Nederland
Arena PinguinDome
Capacity 30.750 seats
Fan club Usual Suspects
Coach Norway Sven Olsen
League VI.407

Updated: 05-05-2009


INNW (If Not Now, When?) has prospered ever since the illustrious sirDeeVee took over management during the injury-plagued 21st season (2007). In short his reign has lead to consecutive championships in seasons 22, 23 and (after a minor setback) 25. Currently the team plays in Dutch league VI.407, coming in at a very handsome fourth' spot in it's first season.


Important players in recent history are the likes of Marien Klein Heerenbrinck and Sven Olsen, both have played an integral part in the success of the club. Where Klein Heerenbrinck has been appointed as technical director to guard long term objectives, Sven Olsen has been made responsible for training and coaching the squad to new heights.

Current focal point of the team is Ivo van Huut, the primus inter pares who leads his men into battle with Cocu-like qualities. Latest addition is Italian goalkeeper Vincenzo Marta, who relieves the Hungarian hero Gyõzõ Erőss of his duties.

Dutch prospects Leslie Verkade and Twan Westerlaken are the up and coming talents of the team, aspiring to be true cashcows for sirDeeVee