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The Coppa Oltremella Facts
Foundation 15.04.2008
Founder andreben80
Editions 11
Champions Athletic UC (4)
Carzagese (3)
FC Bronzetti 07 (2)
Idioteque (1)
FC Santacroce (1)
Links internal cup ranking
top scorer ranking
Current Edition
Logo of the 11th Cup Edition
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4 groups a 4 teams (one leg)
2 teams qualified
Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final
Date: 30.8.2011 - 4.10.2011
Status: paused
About the Oltremella Federation
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Logo of the Oltremella Federation
Foundation 22.10.2009
Country  Italia
Founders trotti, krautboy
Honorary Member andreben80
Members 14
Admission upon request

The "Coppa Oltremella" is a private Cup organised by the italian Federation "Oltremella". The Cup was initiated as a friendly Cup between managers from the region of Brescia, and is today open to managers from all over Italy. The Cup is played in the second half of every season, starting from week 8. The Cup has been played for 11 seasons so far. In order to maintain its private character, admission preference is nowadays given to teams that have covered themselves with glory in past editions.


Foundation The "Coppa Oltremella" (or "Coppa O!") was founded in March 2008 by andreben80, and played it's first edition from 15.4.2008. The initial editions comprised only directly connected managers, mostly from the district Torricella in Brescia. This regional extraction was seminal to the naming of the Cup: "oltre Mella" describes the districts of Brescia "on the other side of the river Mella". With the departure of some of the original founder-teams, the Cup opened admission to other teams from Brescia and later on to managers from all over Italy.
The competition mode: The first editions of the Coppa Oltremella (I, III-V) have been played by eight teams with direct elimination. The second and sixth edition (II, VI) saw a 16 team tournament with a group phase of 4 teams per group where a single team qualified for the semifinals – a modus that did not find much appreciation. Since the seventh (VII) edition, the Cup is played with 16 teams - a group phase of 4 teams per group with the two best teams from each group qualifying for the following eliminatory phase.

FC Santacroce FC Bronzetti 07 Carzagese FC FC Santacroce FC Bronzetti 07 FC Carzagese
Concesio City Athletic UC Athletic UC Athletic UC Athletic UC Athletic UC
3:0 5:3 0:1 2:3 3:2 4:2
Bronzetti FC Athletic UC Interconiglio Dinamo Fede Athletic UC
Idioteque FC FC Carzagese FC Carzagese Athletic UC Concesio City
1:2 0:3 1:3 0:3 5:1
Cup Finals of the former editions: Cup Winners are printed in bold

Cup Administration

Admission: Admission to the Cup is opened approximately 3-4 weeks before the begin of a new Cup, and starts with the creation of a private Cup on the Cupmanager website. The Opening of the new Cup edition is announced via a Newsletter from the Oltremella Federation, or via private HT-mails to interested teams by the Cup Organisers (usually trotti or krautboy). Teams can register for the current edition with their Cupmanager account until one week before the Begin of the Cup. One week before the start (Tuesday evening after the Week 7 Italian Cup Match), all registered teams are ranked by their internal cup ranking, and the best 16 teams are accepted to participate in the current edition.
Group phase: In order to generate groups of similar strenght and avoid that the strongest eliminate themselves already in the group phase, the initial groups are composed by a sorting proces. All accepted teams are sorted into 4 pools according to their Hattrick Cup Rank which, in contrast to the internal cup rank, reflects a teams league position and general strength. From each of the four pools, one team is drawn into every group. Matches of the group phase are played are played on neutral ground with normal rules, with matches between teams from different regions being played in an arena in a third region.
Eliminatory phase: In the eliminatory phase, again matches are played on neutral ground, but Cup rules are applied.
Internal cup ranking: The internal cup ranking attributes points according to the results a team achieves during its career in the Coppa Oltremella. For every match played, a team acquires 3 points for a victory or 1 point for a draw, whereas losses do not acredit points. 5 points are awarded for every qualification for a quarterfinal, 10 points for playing a semifinal and 15 point for reaching the final of an Cup edition. The winner of an Oltremella Cup receives an extra bonus of 25 points. Currently, the Cup Ranking is lead by Athletic UC with a record of 404 accumulated points (internal cup ranking).
Exclusion Giving walkovers is not accepted in the Coppa Oltremella, and leads to a direct exclusion from the current edition and future admissions to the cup

Famous Teams

  • Carzagese[1] (by lucescuro) was the first team to win three editions of the Coppa Oltremella. Carzagese has participated from the 1st until the 9th edition without interuption, but decided to retire from hattrick for private reasons.
  • Athletic UC[2] (by trotti) is the current and most decorated champion of the Coppa Oltemella with four cup trophies so far.
  • Idioteque[3] (by muralev) has participated in 6 editions of the Coppa Oltemella and won the 7th edition.
  • FC Bronzetti'07[4] (by krautboy) has participated from the 1st until the 9th edition and is a double champion of the Coppa Oltemella.
  • pattumeros[5] (by ) the highest ranked team to ever participate at the Coppa O! Pattumeros played in IIIrd league when participating in the edition
  • Concesio City[6] (by elsindec)
  • FC Santacroce[7] (by andreben80)
  • Dinamo Fede[8] (by fedetibe)
  • R.S.L. Brescia[9] (by blank)
  • Marcheno[10] (by Lucio-Battisti)
  • Valtrompia[11] (by Nabucodonosor86)
Best Match
Athletic U.C. vs. Idioteque (546 hatstats) [12]
Best Performance
Athletic U.C. -21.06.2011- (292 hatstats)[13]
Best Player
Dick Russell -data[14]- TSI 136,870
Top Scorer
Santino Lunghi[15] - 12 goals (in 5 editions)[16]
Cup Scorer
Jemal Cantini[17] - 7 goals (II ed.)
Giovanni Marangon[18] - 7 goals (XI ed.)
Longest Winning Streak
Carzagese - 12 matches (VIII-IX editions)
Athletic U.C. -12 matches (X ed.-ongoing)
Record Matches
Raphael Munger - 7 editions (I-VII)


  • Andrea Giaccone[19], a mediocre player with 2850 TSI caused a lot of controversion by scoring an hattrick in the ed.2 semifinal Athletic U.C. – Santacroce 3-0[20][21]. The record for the most cup goals in a single match though goes to Giovanni Marangon[22], who scored 4 goals in the ed. semifinal Concesio City – Dinamo Fede 4-0.
  • Among the most powerful and noteable players ever to participate at the Cup are Ly Ung[23], Keeper of Cambodia National Team, and Dick Russell[24], Idioteques top sorer and a TSI of 136870 the strongest Player ever to play the Cup.
  • Enrico Virdis[25], at the age of 17 years and 0 day was the youngest player ever to be fielded in the 11th edition of the Coppa Oltremella. His counterpart was Zoryn Karpenko[26], at the age of 54y 101d the oldest player ever to be fielded.
  • On ..., RSL Brescia fielded 8 players from its own youth squad.
  • A tragic figure, entitled most negative player, is Mircea Borcea[27]. The strong forward was red carded in the lost semifinal of the 7th edition and in the lost final of the 8th edition.
  • Among the strongest rivals in the Cup can be found Carzagese and Athletic U.C., who met in two quarter finals and three finals played, and Athletic U.C. – Idioteque F.C. who played four semifinals aginst each other.