Independiente Zulia F.C.

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Independiente Zulia F.C. (272480)
Managed by -AFH-
Club information
LocationZulia Venezuela
ArenaNovus³ Ducatus (capacity 70,100)
Fan ClubPlus Ultra

Independiente Zulia F.C. is a Venezuelan team, currently a member of Campeonato, managed by Alejandro Flores Hernández (-AFH- in hattrick)


Independiente Zulia was founded August 1st, 2004. After demoting to Division V due to the manager negligence, Independiente Zulia changed his name, adding the F.C. and began to be nicknamed "IZ". After that, IZ became the first and only team (so far) in Venezuelan history to promote from Div. V to Campeonato.

Heavy steptrader, IZ is the second team in term of gross profit in Venezuela (49 millions as September 2007) just after beltxis. Is also one of the clubs with an excellent trainer, as member of the "Golden Generation" project

Memorable Moments

  • Reached Campeonato in only 7 seasons, begining in Div V. This is a Venezuelan Record
  • Cup Finalist in season 32 and 33 (Venezuelan season 20 and 21)
  • Cup Winner in season 34 (Venezuelan season 22)

Favourite Players

  • Juan Antonio Moratiel, Jose de Jesus Zurita and Juan Castillo, all Venezuelan U20 defenders and part of the Venezuelan "Golden Generation". Best U20 defenders in the history of Venezuela
  • Margaro Nuñez, number 10 in the team, has been with IZ since the club foundation. Scorer of the first goal in Independiente Zulia's history, he's been regarded as the soul of the team.