Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones is a Spanish team. The team was founded by Gigli and plays currently in VII.211. The team begin to play the 13/05/2004 at the middle of season 11 under the name Cuásar. The first match was against La Poblachuela and it was a defeat (2-0). The team frequently changed its name and except its first name that is one kind of star it have been names of characters of movies, books, etc.


Season 11[edit]

3th at group IX.489

Agente Smith[edit]

Season 12[edit]

1st at group IX.489

Season 13[edit]

3th at group VIII.728

Anakin Skywalker[edit]

Season 14[edit]

1st at group VIII.728

Season 15[edit]

6th at group VII.211

Season 16[edit]

4th at group VII.211

Ender Wiggin[edit]

Season 17[edit]

5th at group VII.211

Season 18[edit]

5th at group VII.211

Indiana Jones[edit]

Season 19[edit]

3th at group VII.211

Season 20[edit]

Now 1st at group VII.211

Important players[edit]

  • Jon-Ander Sevilla
  • Nataniel Gómez