International Friendlies

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International Friendlies Federation


Travel the world for just 6k!

Chairman: VvJ-TJ (President)

Founded: 01.01.2002

Homepage (URL):

Members: 76 (March 12, 2009)

Language: English

Alliance ID: 582


The International Friendlies Federation (IF) is one of the first international federations in the game (allianceid 582). It was founded to give Hattrick supporters a federation where they could easily find other teams who are interested in playing international friendlies to make more money by having more spectators and share the cost by playing match and re-match, once home and once away. At the same time international friendly matches give the players twice as much experience than in a national friendly.


The member services of the International Friendly Federation include:

  • Friendly cup with usually 60-80 teams, starting from week 6.
  • Youth Pull Cup, for increased fun with mostly depressing youth pulls.
  • Federation Battle in Week 15 or 16 of each season.
  • Vendetta! matches which are show matches on neutral grounds between well-known members of the federation. The winner may create a logo, which the loser has to keep for three weeks.
  • Easy international friendly arrangement with guaranteed home and away match.
  • A lot of international fun in the conference with people from all over the world.

The IFF decided to not support flag collecting. To express this difference to the Flag Chasers Community, the IFF played three battles against them so far and has planned another one for this season. So far the IFF has won 2 out of 3 battles against the FCC.