Winger Training for Newbies

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Is Winger Training Advisable for New or Inexperienced Users?

Reasons why newbies should not do winger training

  1. With the number of relevant secondary skills, selection of trainees, bidding and selling is too difficult for many newbies.
  2. The wingback slots, which represent 4 of the 8 total trainable positions, are difficult for even experienced users to employ profitably.
  3. Goalkeeping training sometimes has the lowest investment cost, and is therefore better suited to the cash-poor newbie.
  4. There is a significant risk that the team will not be competitive in midfield.

Reasons why newbies should do winger training

  1. Fast generation of quality players
  2. Fast generation of significant level of wing attack
  3. Possibility of generating capital very quickly that can be used to fund team improvements, switch to better trainees or switch to another training regime
  4. Low startup cost
  5. Creates feeling of rapid improvement which is good for enjoyment of game and morale
  6. May be better than playmaking as a short-term strategy for boosting midfield if it generates enough profit to put in low-cost, experienced inner midfielders, rather than inexperienced trainees.
  7. May be a tactically and financially sound long-term strategy as the majority of users still concentrate on central attack and defense.

Major contingencies affecting the decision for newbies

  1. How competitive is their league? If it is very competitive, then staying in it will need fast results, so winger training may be a good strategy. If it is not very competitive, then there is no pressure of time, you can train what you want. Consequently winger training may not be so attractive, as speed is one of the major attractions.
  2. How much financial pressure are they under? If they need money fast, then winger training with its fast results and low investment cost is again recommended. If there is less financial pressure, again, the attraction is diminished.
  3. How much effort do they want to put into building their team? Winger training is complicated and requires more study of tactics and player types than the other training regimes. The amount of effort required will be increased still further for people who are complete beginners at on-line trading games or football management sims. If they plan to just log on once or twice a week, winger training may not be the best choice.
  4. What kind of players did the player inherit? If the team you started with has some players who would are excellent prospects for a particular training regime, the player should probably go for that kind. E.g. if he or she has a team with three or four excellent young playmakers, it would probably be advisable to train playmaking.