Israel Crazy Dolphins

From Hattrick

The club was originated by manager Chingiss on November 2001. Israeli league didn't exist at the time and Israelian Chingiss had to choose a foreign league. The Hattrick world was dominated by Swedish teams who had the veteranship advantage which was significant and considered unbridigable at the time. Chingiss was one of the first managers in the world to took advantage of the transfer market, with a lot of daytrading, skill trading, and vision to forsaw upcoming developments in the then fast growing game (like the migration from local to international transfer market, or the creation of national teams and the value one could take from having national team players). Within only 5 seasons ICD was the first non-swedish team to be listed in the prestigious list of best 20 teams in the world.

Local competition was tough though, with The Knights and Kester who had a 3 seasons veteranship advantage, and Apollo, Durham County, Raji Charvers, Hackers United, Pirates and others, who followed Chingiss and adopted the trading methods to climb the ladder. Chingiss won the title in season 20 and retired the game right after, on November 2003.

Chingiss also took part in establishing the Israeli league and community, and served as it first national team manager.