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J1897.com League
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League Information
Region: Italy, UE
Inaugural season: 33
Coordinator: Italy kkekko
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J1897.com League
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The J1897.com League is a friendly cup open to all teams of hattrick world. The J1897.com League has two Series. The major is called Serie A and the minor is called Serie B.

Competition Format

  • Story:
    • Before of the J1897.com League was played eight J1897.com Cups (with Cup rules).
    • J1897.com League creator kkekko came up with the idea for a new cup competition and the J1897.com League was born in 33th Hattrick Season.
    • The competitions was open to the 20 clubs in The League.
  • Information:
    • The Winner of the Serie A is the Champion of the League.
    • The last and the last before positions in the Serie A are relegated in the next Season to the Serie B.
    • The Winner of the Serie B is promoted in the next Season to the Serie A.
    • The Second and the Third positions of the Serie B will do two round among them to be prometed in the next Season to the Serie A.
    • News from the J1897.com League II: promotions and relegations involved the three bottom Seria A clubs (10th, 11th, 12th places) and three top Serie B clubs (1st, 2nd, 3rd places). At the end of the 33/34 season, Serie B expanded from 8 clubs to 12 clubs. The Serie B Playoff. which was played in the first Serie B season, has been removed.
    • On 16-04-2008 was born Serie C with six new teams. Now there are 30 teams in the Competition.
  • Match arrangement:
    • The matches have to be arranged on your own through friendly challenges in hattrick.
  • Additional rules:
    • If one team fails to arrange the friendly then this will lead to a 3-0 defeat.

Past champions

Serie A

 Edition   Champions  Second Place  Third Place
III   -     -     -  
II  Italy fratmo (545027)   Italy Juventinix (544622)   Italy FC. FeaR (239243) 
I  Venezuela vinotintova (459255)   Malta Grizacticos (713906)   Italy fratmo (545027) 

Serie B

 Edition   First Place  Second Place  Third Place
II  Italy JuveTeo (1689625)   Italy Kebol Team (729643)   Italy Segariu F.C. (855894) 
I  Italy Juventinix (544622)   Italy kosmarea team (1176266)     

Serie C

 Edition   First Place  Second Place  Third Place
III   -     -     -  
II  Italy GuastAttacks (1736679)   Italy F.C. Castellaneta (1694263)   Italy juventus4ever23 (854784) 
I   N/A     N/A     N/A  

Other participants

J1897.com Cup champions

 Edition   Champions
VIII  Italy FC Melicucco (236720) 
VII  Switzerland Juventus Stars (71016) 
VI  Italy fratmo (545027) 
V  Italy fratmo (545027) 
IV  Italy FC Melicucco (236720) 
III  Italy luckyteam f.c. (548412) 
II   Not Assigned  
I  Italy Fc Gaeta ()