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Jerry of the World, commonly abbreviated JOTW, is a team currently playing in VI.751 in Norway. The club was founded 28.12.2006, and has been managed exclusively by wu_t_clan up until current day. They are based in Rogaland, and play their home matches on the stadium Powder Valley.


Jerry of the World (1072662)
Managed by wu_t_clan
Club information
LocationRogaland Norge
ArenaPowder Valley
Fan ClubPissOnSpuds

Manager wu_t_clan joined Hattrick[1] on 23.12.2006, but he wasn't assigned a team until 6 days later on 28.12.2006. Their first whole season was in Norways 21th season (32 globally) when they played in VII.83. Miraculously they ended up in first place. wu_t_clan managed to get both promotion and the clubs first trophy in his first try.

The next three seasons Jerry of the World spent in VI.148. In the first two they managed to get a third, and then fourth place, silencing the critics who had claimed the stay in VI would be a short one for JOTW. In season 24 things went downhill when the unexperienced squad only managed to get a total of twelve points, placing them in seventh, making the relegation a fact.

VII.517 became Jerrys new proving ground, but ended up being their play ground instead. Fourteen wins in the same amount of matches, and an impressive 114-2 in goal difference was the subtotal at the end of the season. JOTW player Per Hanstensen netted 25 times, making him one of the top goal scorers in all of Norway that season. wu_t_clan had given his club two trophies and two promotions with both his tries in VII.

In season 26 Jerry of the World entered VI.751, where they are currently playing. They have completed three full seasons, which have resulted in a third, a second and a third place (chronologically). Up until season 28, Jerry had never made it further than the second round in the national cup, but this year, wu_t_clan lead them to the fourth round, beating a IV-club on their way.

Player squad

Current 24 players in the squad:

Adri Gruythuizen (M C)

Alar Allas (GK)

Alf Henriksen (FW)

Benjamin Borch (D C)

Bjørn Taraldsen (ML RL)

Bruno Farges (D RLC)

Constant Adriaensen (D/M RL)

Dávid Jovnaš (M C)

Dositeu Abeixón (M C)

Eivind Westgård (D/M RL)

Geir Mjelde (FW)

Isaac Conrads (D RLC)

Ivan Balaštík (M C)

Juha Parviainen (M RL)

Julian Lunde (D C)

Klaudiusz Szulc (FW)

Luis Martín Domínguez (M C)

Matt Manku (GK)

Mischa Hainzl (M C)

Patrick Randen (D C)

Per Hanstensen (FW)

Raúl Castellrós (M C)

Reickard Fremer (FW)

René Mayr (M C)


Kim Sylte

Sylte was already a member of the squad when wu_t_clan took over the team. At that time he was 22 years of age, and the only original JOTW player who had better than passable(6), with his solid(7) wing skill.

The first seasons of the clubs existence Kim Sylte was Jerrys biggest profile by far, both on and off the pitch. This made him an icon amongst the teams supporters and wu_t_clans's HT-colleagues. He was regularly named man of the match, even up until his last season for the club, when he was rewarded MoM eleven times, bringing his total up to 64 in 140 competetive matches. And allthough a few other players caught up to, and eventually exceeded Sylte on the field, his star never seemed to drop among the fans. This heroic status, together with his impressive statistics of 141 competetive matches with 53 goals and 64 MoMs, makes him Jerry of the World's biggest profile in the clubs history.

Kim Sylte was sold to Eendracht 1919 for 8 670 000 Kroner on 02.12.2009, after over nine loyal seasons for Jerry of the World.

Per Hanstensen

Hanstensen is a beloved player by the fans due to his many goals for Jerry. Like Kim Sylte, Hanstensen was an original member of the team when wu_t_clan was named the clubs new manager in december of 2006, and is still an important part of the first team.

Hanstensen has been crowned league topscorer five times in his nine full seasons for the team. He won the award in season 21 in VII.83, season 23 in VI.148, season 25 in VII.517 and in season 27 and 29 in VI.751. In his carrer, Hanstensen has currently played 143 competetive matches and scored 150 goals (updated 12.12.2009), topping the clubs statistics for both matches played and goals scored through all times. He has also scored an incredible 15 hattricks for the club. And at just 28 years of age these numbers are still rapidly increasing.