John Wammes

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John Wammes is a legendary former player of V.V. Beek. He got the title of Mister V.V. Beek because he played 182 matches for the team and won several prizes as a player and as coach.

Trophies as player

  • 2nd place with V.V. Beek in XI.758 (season 16)
  • 1st place in X.1016 (season 17)Promoted to VIII (due to bot removal)
  • 3rd place in VIII.86 (season 22)

Trophies as coach

  • 3rd place with V.V. Beek in VIII.86 (season 24)
  • 1st place in VIII.86 (season 25)promoted to VII
  • Achieved cup round #3 for the first time in the clubs history (season 26)
  • 2nd place in VII.702 (season 26)promoted to VI
  • 3rd place in VI.912 (season 27)