Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XIX

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The Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XIX final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during U-20 World Cup XIX . The final rounds will be played in Norge .

Place Manager Votes
1 aerial 7
2 Retired user 7
3 gala_pago 3
4 Retired user 3
5 Retired user 3
6 Retired user 2
7 koekedallie 0
8 Alelela 0
9 Raemu 0
10 User:Sademo 0

Candidate speech

Hello friends, I am applying for the job since I want to help Al Urdun community in the first place. I do have a great knowledge about Hattrick game engine and big list of success in Hattrick. From this season I started to coordinate Mentors project, in which I see hope for better players in NT and U20 teams. I want to lead U20 team until we make some success, and it means I want to stick a bit longer then one WC cycle.



Created by User:Old boy