Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXIII

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The Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXIII final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during U-20 World Cup XXIII . The final rounds will be played in Føroyar .

Place Manager Votes
1 ---Alex--- 2
2 Retired user 2
3 Matt- 1
4 Retired user 1
5 zibi1964 0
6 el_Cristian 0
7 BerlinWall 0
8 Retired user 0
9 lautaro_cuervo 0

Candidate speech

Hello, Jordan!

Two years ago I've started my second team here and what a time that was! I've had my fun, reached the top league (and survived) and played the Cup semi-final last season. Now, it might be time to give something back to the community! One might argue that I was lucky in achieving both, but then again, you do want to have luck on your side to succeed! :)

Not promising medals, not creating false expectations, but I will give 101% in terms of dedication!

Go Jordan!


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