Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXIX

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The Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXIX final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during U-20 World Cup XXIX . The final rounds will be played in Kazakhstan .

Place Manager Votes
1 ---Alex--- 1
2 Celestial_Tear 0
3 Sprezza 0
4 JPekerman 0
5 Sir_Hossein 0
6 martin2005 0
7 danif89 0
8 Back_Again 0

Candidate speech

Hello dear Jordanian friends and managers!

I truly believe it's time to revitalize this U-20 team and start building seriously for the future. And we need to start now! Please support me in creating hope and perspectives for the success of future generations!

Yours truly, Alex

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