Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXXII

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The Jordanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXXII final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during U21 Asia and Oceania Cup played in Oceania and U21 World Cup in Switzerland

Place Manager Votes
1 prst_u_uho 57
2 serxiotato 4
3 FFHF-Briscoe 4
4 sedmimai 2
5 MariusVoicu 0
6 oset91 0

Candidate speech

Hello everybody, I hope you remember me.

I will keep it short and simple. I have been coach 3 times and I have qualified for the World Cup (top 32 teams) 2 times, which is very good percentage in my opinion. I hope you were satisfied with my job as an assistant coach

There is new WC system in place starting with this term, and I would love to test it, and also I believe you need an experienced coach for that. I will probably make mistakes, hopefully not too many of them.

Vote for prst!