Jordanian elections for U-21 World Cup 2

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The Jordanian elections for U-21 World Cup 2 final results. The winner will lead U-21 team during U-21 Asia and Oceania Cup played in x and U-21 World Cup 2 in x

Place Manager Votes
1 perlayale 41
2 ---Alex--- 25
3 de_svenne 0
4 Pista8 0

Candidate speech

Good morning community, my name is Alejandro and I am part of the staff that leads LA-Horatius in the National Team. I present myself before you to offer you work and responsibility, two important qualities that all the staff of the National Team have. We want to continue the good work that has been done in U21, with the intention of competing as long as possible and then focusing on training more and better players for future generations.