Jordanian elections for World Cup XXIX

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The Jordanian elections for World Cup XXIX final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXIX . The final rounds will be played in Hrvatska .

Place Manager Votes
1 Matt- 1
2 danif89 1
3 ed_hardy 0
4 broot 0
5 -kaczus- 0
6 Darkbear 0
7 Valerra 0
8 MadJor 0
9 tiagoq_ 0

Candidate speech


Premier League Winner (x2) English Cup Winner (x3) Last 16 of the Masters 205 Competitive NT/U20 Games (Jordan, England, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden) U20 Bronze Medal Best ever finishes: England/Brazil/Jordan

It’s a mess I’ll try and sort it. No crazy promoises, just a better team than now and plenty of communication.


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