Jordanian elections for World Cup XXV

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The Jordanian elections for World Cup XXV final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXV . The final rounds will be played in France .

Place Manager Votes
1 CAT-xidojo 1
2 Darkbear 1
3 mare77 0
4 hugheswales 0
5 lautaro_cuervo 0
6 Arvio 0

Candidate speech

Some people had got lots of wasted opportunities. Some of them keep on elections, despite their bad results.

We must say STOP. Now it's our time. Time to fight to be the best country all around the world.

Our dream it's yours.

VOTE for CAT-xidojo.

يجب أن نقول إيقاف. الآن حان الوقت لدينا. وقت للقتال ليكون أفضل بلد في جميع أنحاء العالم.

حلمنا انها لك.

التصويت ل CAT-xidojo.

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