Jordanian elections for World Cup XXVII

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The Jordanian elections for World Cup XXVII final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXVII . The final rounds will be played in Oceania .

Place Manager Votes
1 josegrapinino 2
2 lukaszq16 2
3 MadJor 1
4 ---Alex--- 0
5 lautaro_cuervo 0

Candidate speech

I will put forth an effort to communicate with the community about the NT. This doesn't mean that I will be having an open roster or public discussions about tactics prior to matches. I want the community to have a voice.

I will spend a lot of time learning about the talent pool as it is and developing what it can become. Fostering an encouraging atmosphere that motivates people to train players for the NT. I will field a roster consisting of the best players that are available in Al Urdun.

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