Jordanian elections for World Cup XXXIII

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The Jordanian elections for World Cup XXXIII final results. The winner will lead NT during first Asia and Oceania Cup hosted by Oceania and World Cup XXXIII hosted by Venezuela.

Place Manager Votes
1 LA-Horatius 70
2 Apocope 3
3 Mikkey 0
4 asghar_M 0

Candidate speech

Hello, I am LA-Horatius.

When I was appointed LA in august 2019 I opened a team here in Al Urdun.

I have played Hattrick for more than 18 years. In Argentina, which is a TOP 10 country in terms of users and active teams I was able to be champion of II Division but couldn’t win promotion into First Division.

I have been working with owners and players of the NT and I am very familiarized with players which will be available for next term.

More details on the Forum, thanks