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The club's history began as successor to the 1. FC Lungenkrebs in the X.4010 league of Germany. The team entered the competition ranked 2nd, runners-up to ASV Waldsassen with a margin of 3 points; 2 games remained until the season was complete. In the final match they would meet their direct competitor. But first of all, the KSG had to face Vodka-Bull, who were determined last in the current season. Through this exceptional match, the KSGB managed to eliminate the five goals margin of ASV Waldsassen and at the same time set the season record for the highest victory (before: ASV Waldsassen - Rotation Dresden 7-0).

Critics said that the parallel match between SV Laudenbach and ASV Waldsassen showed Laudenbach with equal skills to Borbetomagus, so the final match would be no problem for Waldsassen either.

The first game

Teams: Vodka-Bull - KSG Borbetomagus

Line Up

GK RomaniaPavel Nicolescu
RWB GermanyRolef Raus RCB GermanySascha Vorburg LCB SwedenNoa Pettersson
(60. NorwayBørre Olsen)
LWB GermanyStephan Ankum
RWM ChileNorberto Pérez RCDM GermanyKonrad Holt
(68. HungaryBálint Kasik)
LCAM RomaniaRadu Mitrea LWM SwedenTim Åhlfeldt
RF GermanyHannes Halberg LF GermanyFrank Leimser
(67. GermanyNick Höhmann)

Bench: GK GermanyMarc Burkhalter, WM PolandBronisław Godek

Match Facts

Result: 0-9
Goals: Åhlfeldt (4.,28.), Leimser (26.), Raus (33.,50.), Halberg (39.(PK),66.(PK),86.), Olsen (75.)
Bookings: Yellow card.gifNorberto Pérez (68.)
Possession: 35/65 (1st half), 23/77 (2nd half)
Visitors: 3190 (Vodka-Bull Arena)

Match Ratings

Vodka-Bull KSG Borbetomagus
Stars 4.0 Star.gif 20.5 Star.gif
TSI GK 190 820
TSI DF 1510 3070
TSI MF 1850 1790
TSI FW 360 1440
TSI Total 3910 7120
Strength 2.0 (min) 3.11 (min)
DF left 2.87 (max) 3.87 (max)
DF centre 2.87 (max) 4.62 (high)
DF right 2.12 (min) 4.12 (min)
MF 1.87 (max) 2.37 (low)
FW left 2.12 (min) 3.12 (min)
FW centre 1.62 (high) 2.87 (max)
FW right 1.87 (max) 3.37 (low)
HatStats 45 85

The game and aftermath

Though meeting the weakest team of this season, nothing was set for this young team. It was all a case of a few days to form this team, since several of the players were transferred to the roster only a few days ago. The newest transfer on the pit, goalkeeper Nicolescu, arrived only about a few hours before the kick-off.

Nonetheless, Borbetomagus opened fire from the very first minute of the game. The course was set; a good victory and the goal difference would be no handicap regarding a possible climb into League IX. On the 4th minute of the game, Åhlfeldt struck with a good shot on the goal. Until half-time, Borbetomagus scored 5-0 - but ASV Waldsassen also were 4-0 in the lead. The second half then gave birth to the first little miracle for the end of the season: While ASV Waldsassen ended their game 5-2, Borbetomagus scored another 4 goals and won 9-0. This marked the highest victory of all teams in the running season.

After this game the goal difference was +59 for the KSG and +58 for Waldsassen - so a victory over Waldsassen would take the KSG directly to League IX.

End of the Season

Despite the fact that Waldsassen would be the clear favourite in this last game, somehow everybody hoped the KSGB would make it. So in the final match of the season Borbetomagus, who shortly before had signed Pauli Hartikainen, met an ASV Waldsassen with 10 players. Nobody knew why they did this - there were no injuries and the team consisted of 21 players. KSG Borbetomagus clearly dominated the match, even speaking in chances. But 4-1 opportunities to score a goal resulted in a 0-1 victory of Waldsassen. Lack of experience caught up with the KSGB.
Nevertheless, due to a lack of competitors the team was announced promoter to leage IX. The following mood could best be described as "contentment": Over Waldsassen's strange victory everyone got aware that most of the job in the season had been done by 1. FC Lungenkrebs and that they hadn't managed to promote on their own. Still, the team was to show what they'd do with the new economic possibilities in season 43.


Pos. Nat. Name Played Age Joined Last Club
GK 1 Germany Burkhalter, Marc Marc Burkhalter - 25 2010/42 -
GK 31 Romania Nicolescu, Pavel Pavel Nicolescu 1 17 2010/42 Real Moineşti Romania
GK 12 Portugal Rosa, Agostinho Agostinho Rosa - 23 2010/42 Lourinhã FC Portugal
CB 2 Norway Olsen, Børre Børre Olsen 1 26 2010/42 FC Olsbo Norway
CB 13 Germany Schneidhofer, Hauke-Klaus Hauke-Klaus Schneidhofer - 22 2010/42 -
CB 5 Germany Vorburg, Sascha Sascha Vorburg 1 20 2010/42 -
CB 23 Germany Rickert, Domenic Domenic Rickert - 27 2010/42 -
CB 25 Germany
Korbeń, Józef Józef Korbeń - 25 2010/42 -
WB 3 Sweden Pettersson, Noa Noa Pettersson 1 23 2010/42 Sållers BK Sweden
WB 17 Germany Raus, Rolef Rolef Raus 1 26 2010/42 -
WB 4 Germany Ankum, Stephan Stephan Ankum 1 23 2010/42 -
CM 6 Germany Holt, Konrad Konrad Holt Captain sports.png 1 25 2010/42 -
CM 10 Romania Mitrea, Radu Radu Mitrea 1 18 2010/42 FC Buburuzele Romania
CM 19 Hungary Kasik, Bálint Bálint Kasik 1 17 2010/42 FC-Play Hungary
CM 15 Germany Bodenski, Dirck Dirck Bodenski - 22 2010/42 -
CM 26 Germany Grinski, Marc Arnold Marc Arnold Grinski - 25 2010/42 -
WM 16 Germany Spaetauf, Axel Axel Spaetauf - 21 2010/42 -
WM 7 Sweden Åhlfeldt, Tim Tim Åhlfeldt 1 17 2010/42 Estö BK Sweden
WM 24 Germany Leon, Franz Franz Leon - 26 2010/42 -
WM 20 Poland Godek, Bronisław Bronisław Godek - 18 2010/42 CF Górnik Wałbrzych Poland
WM 8 Chile Pérez, Norberto Norberto Pérez 1 19 2010/42 Albocampeones Chile
FW 14 Germany Leimser, Frank Frank Leimser 1 22 2010/42 -
FW 11 Germany Halberg, Hannes Hannes Halberg 1 25 2010/42 -
FW 22 Netherlands Welmers, Javier Javier Welmers - 18 2010/42 Çarşı Gücü Turkey
FW 18 Germany Höhmann, Nick Nick Höhmann 1 23 2010/42 -
FW 21 Estonia Allikas, Silver Silver Allikas - 17 2010/42 JK Aex Estonia
FW 9 Finland Hartikainen, Pauli Pauli Hartikainen - 19 2010/42 Devil's Plaything Finland