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KicKx (502539)
Managed by KicKe
Club information
LocationLimburg Nederland
ArenaKicKe Kickers Kolosseum
Fan ClubThe SideKicKers

KicKx is a Dutch team managed by KicKe currently playing in serie IV.63. Matches are played in the KicKe Kickers Kolosseum in the region Limburg. This team has been build on the training of defenders by using as well regular training as osmosis training. On very short terms training will be switched, so other tactics can be used.


On September the 30th, manager KicKe gains control over a team in the Dutch IX-Division. The teams develop in a nice and steady way. With a title the first season in Division IX, a year building up in Division VIII and again achieving the 1st place. The season after that the team promoted again, now with a second place in the VIIth Division, to Division VI. Goal for this and probably also the next few seasons is retaining in Division VI and getting stronger to move up again in some time. But as differences are getting smaller in the divisions and the gap from VI to V is rather big, this will be a difficult task.


  • (season 24) 1st in the IX.99, 1st round cup.
  • (season 25) 4th in the VIII.378, 1st round cup.
  • (season 26) 1st in the VIII.378, 2nd round cup.
  • (season 27) 2nd in the VII.318, 2nd round cup.
  • (season 28) ??st in the VI.433, 2nd round cup.

Famous Players

Henk Hovingh Meertens was the first good defender that had been trained by this team. On this moment the Swiss player Lukas Lanker is the most valuable player of the club.

This team has participated in the dR.cup