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Kings Squad (21350)
Kings Squad
Managed by -Marrc-
Club information
LocationGelderland Nederland
ArenaKings Castle
Fan ClubKings Guardians


In their first two seasons Kings Squad became winner of their league and ended up in division III.14, by then the hardest division III in the Netherlands (although some users from division III.7 doubt that).

Playing in division III.14 however was not a great succes for a 2,5 year young team. In the end Kings relegated on goal difference, he was 3 goals short.

After hanging out 3 seasons in division IV.2 and having a lot of fun with players like Thije, Allard75, Sigur, hestaatje and Popie, Kings promoted to division III.7

With some bad luck, Kings was runner up twice in this league before ending up 5th in their 3rd attempt. The next season Kings Squad decided to become a moderate team, meaning stop playing seriously. Relegation with a goalscore of 9-99 and 0 points was a logical outcome of this decision.

At the moment Kings is building a new team, that should be able to sway between divisions IV en III.



Season League Standing Cuprun
18 IV .. 10
17 IV 3 9
16 III 8 5
15 III 5 8
14 III 2 9
13 III 2 12
12 IV 1 6
11 IV 3 2
10 IV 3 4
9 III 7 4
8 IV 1 4
7 V 1 4

Club of 100

  1. Ks ezra.jpg Ezra de Ruijter ; 187 games for Kings Squad
  2. Ks anibal.jpg Aníbal Garrido Gutierrez ; 112 games for Kings Squad
  3. Ks Anders.jpg Anders Hjortstål ; 107 games for Kings Squad