GAIS 1894

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GAIS 1894
Club information
Full name GAIS 1894
Manager Emil-Appelkvist
Country  Sverige
Founded 30/08/1997
Prize shelf Division II s.PNG Division III s.PNG Division IV s.PNG Division V s.PNG Division VI s.PNG Division VI s.PNG Division VII s.PNG Division VIII s.PNG Division III s.PNG Division I s.PNG Division I s.PNG
Ground Gamla Ullemi, Södermanland
(Capacity 71,000)
Head coach Sverige Fredrik Colste

GAIS 1894 for a long time was the oldest active team in Hattrick [1], founded on 30 August 1997 by Emil-Appelkvist.

The team won Serie A in Hattrick's first season under the name of Korpens All Stars. Later on, it was renamed to Appelkvist F.K. and retained that name until the 21st of January 2009 when they were renamed to their current name.

In season 42 the team returned to play in Allsvenskan. The team was rendered BOT in season 44.


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