Länna Rabotniks

From Hattrick


Länna Rabotniks was a swedish team that mostly played in V.306. It was a club that trained playmakers for profit and was in the last seasons a middle-team in the series. Rabotnik is russian for "worker", and the team had become a working-class club.


Orginally the club's name was Länna home boys, a team that started 12th August 2002 during the start of Swedish season 17. It was a club for the gangstas living in Länna and the players were players for real in Länna home boys. After a dissappointing start with a 4th place in VII.523 the team started climbing in season 18 when they won the league.

Back and fourth

Season 19 they came up second in VI.117 and was promoted to V.108. After failing to get a new contract by 4 goals the team started again in VI.226 in season 21. There the team once again felt the glory of being champions and were promoted once again to division 5, this time in V.396. That was a very tough series and Länna was crushed and humiliated, and ended up second last again. Season 23 was disastriuos when Länna failed to dominate VI.1017 and ended up 3rd. A Huge dissapointment. It was repaired in season 24 when Länna for the third time became champions and took the step up to V.306.

Settling down

Länna has been stuck in V.306 ever since, and the owner dosen't have any objections. However, one big change has been made. Länna home boys had since long been critised for "winning games but losing the game" by the gansta-supporters. Also, more ande more ordinary workers was now the hard core of the supporters. Therefore Länna home boys changed name to present Länna Rabotniks.

Fan Club

Länna's supporters didn't have a name at all for many seasons. But the first name they took to their hearts was Homeboy Backup. When Länna changed name the supporters took over Länna Homeboys. But shortly after that i coup was made by the left-wing of the supporters. Under new leadership they changed the name to Lännas Arbetares Trotskistiska Allsupport (Länna's Workers Trotskistic All-support). The short name LATA means (they are) lazy in english, wich wakes suspicions that the GM somehow was involved in the coup. Rumuors like that are of course ridiculous.